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Dopp Kit

Dopp Kit September 25, 2018

Save Your Skin, Save The Ocean

The free spirited team at Lucky Bastard Co. have created an all-natural, mineral-based sunscreen (SPF 30) that is safe for your body and the environment without any harmful chemicals. No stranger to their lip balm (found […]

By Travis Platt

Vices September 20, 2018

Big Sur in a Bottle

It seems fitting that a gin named after Big Sur is making a ‘big’ impact on the forest of choices when it comes to the sought after spirit. Calwise Spirits Co. has crafted a gin honoring […]

By Travis Platt

Wardrobe August 13, 2018

Deus Ex Machina: Fall Picks

So long summer. We can’t wait for clutch layers to become necessary again, fall and winter are key months to heighten your seasonal style game from some the best shops and brands in the nation. Here […]

By Travis Platt

Wardrobe July 20, 2018

Top Ten: Huckberry

For our latest edition of Top Ten we’re focusing on our amigos over at Huckberry. These gents know a thing or two about the essentials needed for active men who live adventurous and stylish lives. So, […]

By Travis Platt

Vices July 20, 2018

Rum With A Side of Street Cred

Imagine if you could create an Avengers style squad of the best old rum salts in the world. We’re talking the ones that put Tiki back on the map, the hard knocks who would never raise […]

By Travis Platt

Vices July 19, 2018

Black Cow Vodka, Smooth as it Gets

Vodka from milk? Yes, it’s actually possible, and how smooth the end result has Black Cow being referred to as genius in the vodka making world. The process starts in Dorset England with grass grazing cows […]

By Travis Platt

Wardrobe June 24, 2018

A Bag for every man

We are all headed somewhere, and it’s the bag we take along with us that keeps our valuable times safe and organized. From rooftops to beaches, these are the CYTIES team’s top choices for any kind […]

By Ryan Kirk

Tips May 15, 2018

Best Men’s Shops in Los Angeles

The style scene for modern men in the City of Angels is setting the bar as the coolest in the nation. Many of the brick & mortars are founded by passionate, courageous people that are keeping […]

By Travis Platt

Dopp Kit January 16, 2018

Upgrade Your Dopp Kit

We’ve tested the market to bring you our top picks to make your travel grooming routine comfortable and easy while keeping you sharp and fresh. From a clutch solid cologne gadget, to the shave tonic that […]

By Travis Platt

Wardrobe December 20, 2017


With the holidays in full effect many are headed homebound for a well deserved break before the new year begins. We’ve styled up our key winter essentials to help anyone steal the show when headed back […]

By Travis Platt

Wardrobe December 13, 2017

Wardrobe / Holiday Travel

Up your airport look and scrape the sky in style, we’ve got you covered with our key choices to keep you comfortable and sharp during the hustle and bustle of holiday travel.   Topo Designs Klettersack […]

By Travis Platt

Vices November 14, 2017

3 Winter Whiskey Cocktails

When the weather gets cold and the frost starts to bite, whiskey in its many forms can help warm the soul. – And what a better way to end a day’s hustle than a home crafted […]

By Ryan Kirk

Wardrobe November 10, 2017

CYTIES Top 5 Unrivaled White Tees

White tee shirts are about as classic as it gets. There is something about the classic simplicity, the the texture, the look. The biggest statement in the room is made not by the man with loudest […]

By Ryan Kirk

Vices September 21, 2017

Drink like a Pro this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here, and with a short work week it’s sure to be a mad dash while last minute plans are thrown together. There is one thing we know for certain on this thankful holiday, the […]

By Travis Platt

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