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Armitage & McMillan is a relaxed men's clothing shop with mountain and urban styles. The brick-and-mortar also features kicks and daily essentials that make the transition from city slicker to rogue nomad as fast as coffee goes down on a Monday morning. 


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

There is something about simplicity that is just inherently flawless. If displayed fittingly, its mystique is superior to any complex eccentricity. It’s outspoken and compelling, durable and irresistible. It’s the black and white letters in the newspaper that your father read, the fade of a boss tattoo that only looks better with age.  Simplicity is your chosen wardrobe that you refuse to put in the dryer, for fear that the man-made creation that you helped Frankenstein, will somehow diminish. Armitage and McMillan have added a gear on to the recently reinvented wheel of men’s fashion. They supply the gentleman of Denver with clothes and essentials that are modern yet rugged and simple yet stylish.

Their idea was simple: take a look that was already prolific in Manhattan and introduce it to a community in Denver who were hungry for supplementary style.

The store is owned by Daniel Armitage and Darin Combs, who met while attending 7th grade in an Oklahoma middle school. The two later moved to New York City to pursue separate fashion careers. Armitage worked for UNIS and Combs for Smith + Butler. After visiting the Mile High city a number of times, their appreciation for the rocky territory became evident, and a move West was underway.

Their idea was simple: take a look that was already prolific in Manhattan and introduce it to a community in Denver who were hungry for supplementary style. Combs decided to use his mother’s maiden name of McMillan in the store’s moniker, as he felt  that “it just sounded cooler.”

 The shop is located right over the river in the LoHi area, just west of downtown Denver. The founders’ objective from launch was to unite brands that they love. Inside this gents’ lounge, you’ll find products from UNIS New York, Boble Denim, Steven Alan, Hill-side, and many more.

They have become a one-stop shop for guys who don’t mind dropping some dollars on style and who find sanctity in the art of men’s fashion. In the store, you can peruse men’s t-shirts, outerwear, denim, bags, jewelry, watches, glasses, pocket squares, handmade leather goods, and more.

Our CYTIES pick-up? It has to be the Wayne Western Pearl-Snap shirt from Krammer & Stoudt. The shirt immortalizes a fashion sense that will never vacate that old Gold Rush town.

Armitage & McMillan are about simplicity, not flash. They bring in clothes that will never go out of style and instead  just grow cooler with times. For them, it’s about the long-term, the journey. So whether you’re John Wayne or James Dean, in the city or gone rogue in the Colorado Mountains, if you’re keen on always looking your best, this Denver shop is cool enough to freeze the rain on your boots.


Peep the optics, their Moscot collection is all aces in our book

This shop always has an unrivaled  display of PF Flyers. Walk out sharper than you walked in

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Besides clothes, Armitage & McMillan stays stocked with daily essentials to make life on the road seamless. Check out their vast selection of accessories