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Mon - Fri: 7am - 6pm
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Ashe Supply Co. is a small-batch roasters, creating caffeinated drinks plus pastries and sandwiches. Their outposts are in trendy, motorcycle-themed industrial spaces. Roll into this community driven shop, and get ready to have coffee run through your veins, and accelerate you out into any daily adventure.


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

Ashe Supply Co. began just like every other coffee shop starts. We’ve all heard the tale, right? Two homies from the same neighborhood, one grew up to be a pharmacist and the other an artist. Okay… maybe not so common.

But think about it. Is there a better profession than a pharmacist when it comes to natural ingredients that fix aches, pains, or sleepy eyes from the previous night? And a better profession than an artist to blend that with a rad-looking shop that fancies artwork, motorcycles, and apparel? Welcome to the vortex of Detroit’s revved-up and supercharged coffee/community shop.

Ashe began with the vision from AJ Nichols and Mike Kennedy. Kennedy had a background as a pharmacist and Nichols as an artist. Their goal was to add to Detroit’s craft coffee scene, but in a non-pretentious community-driven way. By creating their first small-batch coffee roastery, shop, and space, they were able to develop a place where like-minded visitors can enjoy a bold cup of coffee, take in the space, or pick up some apparel.

while their black coffee is all that is needed to put a smile on your face and gasoline in your veins, they won’t judge you for adding milk and sugar. Ashe is a judgement-free zone

Blood, sweat, tears, and caffeine. Like all local startups, creating a business causes fluids to leak out like a slow drip from a Chemex. In creating Ashe, there were no shortcuts taken; even most of the furniture in the shop was created by the dedicated team behind the brand.

This truly adds to the value and shows the hard work and ethos behind the community-driven shop. For Nichols, working with his hands is nothing new – when he’s not working or creating for the shop, he’s fixing up old motorcycles.

With the success of the first shop, they’ve been able to add another one in the mix. The shops both have a motorcycle/industrial theme laced throughout. With concrete floors, wood-panel shelving, and hints of metal and two-wheeled machines, they have created ideal outposts to grab a cup, kick back, or take in the curated pieces of art on the walls.

As a small-batch roastery, they are able to control the end result of the caffeinated concoctions they are serving. And while their black coffee is all that is needed to put a smile on your face and gasoline in your veins, they won’t judge you for adding milk and sugar. Ashe is a judgement-free zone and is down to make it how you want it.

The neon sign on their wall says it all, “Drink Coffee Live Wild,” and that’s the perfect slogan for this downright kickass coffee shop. Head in, grab a cup, and then embark on your wild journey, living fast and changing lanes through the desolate, turbulent, and intoxicating highways of life.



Ashe is more than a coffee shop, they’ve also got rad apparel and feature art on the walls

This relax, community driven shop is a judgment free zone. Order it how you want it

Coffee Roast: Ashe Supply Co.

Like they say: “Drink Coffee Live Wild”

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