• October 15, 2020
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  • By: Travis Platt

Scanning through archived articles to pass the time, we came across a 1995 interview with a young, fierce, ambitious mind who—whether the interviewer was aware or not—was beginning to change the world. In the piece, there was a question about what this person carried in his pocket or bag each day, simply to make his life easier and attack the progress of his ideas. This interview question and the subject of ‘Carry’ is something we have been obsessed with for a long time here at CYTIES. From legends like Steve McQueen to our very own fathers, Everyday Carry has been telling stories and changing lives for centuries. It could be multitools/objects for really anything, to help tighten a wheel, survive the elements,  keep you looking sharp amidst the hours or work, to organize money—the list seriously goes on forever. So, welcome to the first edition of EDC, and keep your eyes peeled for an article dedicated to it each month to inspire the items you bring along with you to keep life efficient and serve in telling your own story. Oh, and that young ambitious mind who revealed his personal carry items in the interview, it was Steve Jobs.

Shinola The Runwell

Not only is The Runwell stealthy, classy, and cool, but we love the subtle orange detail on the second’s hand reminding anyone that is wearing it, that the fall season has entered the picture. Made in the USA we’re sure you’ve heard of Shinola before, their dedication to manufacturing is what gives them such an edge over the competition.  The Runwell was Shinola’s first watch, so the legacy is in every tiny instrument ticking inside. Time is always on your side with this ageless, unimitable watch, and its ageless design will never go out of style.



Multi-tools are an absolute necessity to tackle any kind of task a day will throw at you. Everyone has their preference for functionality, with the Armbar Drive you will be taken care of in a number of departments. It fits easily in the pocket like any normal folding knife, featuring a pry bar, an awl, bottle opener, and a 2.5” long driver with a double-sided bit. When it comes to the blades, the Armbar has a one-hand opening fine edge blade and scissors. If you’re not carrying a multi-tool with you each day, you’re missing out, and there really isn’t any excuse… if you have room for a smartphone, you have room for this.


Hide & Seek

We can’t get enough of Hide & Seek from Bellroy, as it embraces the inner secret agent inside us all. Though sleek and straightforward with a first glance, with a closer look this wallet reveals it’s created for the unconventional, someone that yearns for more out of their Everyday Carry. Traditional in appearance, the Hide & Seek remains slim while containing a secret stash flap for bills, as well as a hidden slot for cards—very enigmatic. Top-notch and sophisticated design help separate items you use more often from those that are important but needed less.


Memori Mechanico Pen

A pen is an instrument of absolute importance, perhaps the most faithful tool of all.  Writing down a day’s thoughts, creating checklists for the organization of your next big idea, or simply writing to a loved one in a faraway state. Yes, the list goes on revealing all reasons to solidify how crucial it is to have a go-to pen. Machined by USA steel, the Memori Mechanico Pen from Tanner Goods has a certain balance to it that makes writing feel like ice skating for your hand. In a digital world, it’s never felt so good for the ink to hit the paper, so get to it. We challenge you as you read this to break out a journal and plan the next big adventure this winter, where you headed?


This concludes EDC for October. We hope these items make a difference in your everyday life, enhancing the tasks you face. And like all gadgets or carry items we showcase, may they truly last a lifetime, becoming an heirloom that represents the adventurous life you’ve chosen to live. The objects we carry, simply, tell our story.

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