CYTIES Top 5 Unrivaled White Tees

White tee shirts are about as classic as it gets. There is something about the classic simplicity, the the texture, the look. The biggest statement in the room is made not by the man with loudest shirt, but the one who walks in with the best fitting. The perfect fit of a white tee is a timeless piece that will still be in style when our year eclipses Mad Max’s sequel. And while the next statement may seem impossible, we assure you it’s fact. We’ve found the top five white tee shirts – but we’ll leave it up to you to settle the never-ending debate of which one of the five will reign supreme in your closet.


Buck Mason

Buck Mason 

Buck Mason has turned the clock back to more classic times and focused on creating the only t-shirt you’ll ever need. The 100% Pima Cotton white tee defines comfort and the fit is absolutely ageless. The rounding hem offers a contoured slimming effect and the collar binding creates comfortable neckline. The custom fabric is milled in the U.S. and knit to last through endless washes after weeks of wear and tear. It’s a staple to any man’s get up effortlessly offering a traditional Americana look.

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APOLIS has re-defined our criteria on how a white tee shirt is supposed to fit. Their standard Issue Organic Pocket T-Shirt measures the way you imagine a tee is supposed to feel. With snug fitting sleeves and a slim band collar, it is the foundation of the American wardrobe. Sewn in Peru using the highest social and environmental standards, we stand thoroughly impressed and comfortable by the white garment designed by these Global Citizens.

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Velva Sheen

Velva Sheen Rolled Tee 

Velva Sheen borrows its sportswear inspiration from the 1950’s, 60’s & 70’s and their Roll Tee in White is crafted with simple perfection. This shirt is the softest version offered from Velva Sheen and made with 100% cotton and a tubular knit that’s clutch for a rolled up cuff. Instantly a nod to the classic days with its vintage off-white color the tee fits slightly boxy and feels very durable. We can’t get enough of the vintage rolled up packaging making it a lifetime go-to for any kind of situation, made right here in the USA.

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SG Hotel

Schaeffer’s Garment Hotel 

Made in the USA, Schaeffer’s white ring spun cotton pocket tee shirt is as vintage as it gets. Exhibiting a classic 1940s fit, the shirt screams out for its brothers, leather and denim. Each shirt is carefully handmade and dyed right off the Sunset Boulevard location in Los Angeles, CA. Just like everything in the shop, it’s made to last, so look out for instructions that will detail how to best wash and wear it. Schaeffer’s white tees are like a gateway to a manlier style. Believe us, after a few of their tees, you’ll be in Japanese denim and Red Wing boots in no time. What’s next… Greasy palms and a scrambler?


James Perse 

James Perse is no doubt the big boy on this classic block, and for good reason too. Their short sleeve crew neck white tee shirt is as timeless as a muscle car or trusted pair of black boots. Its lightweight Jersey is extremely soft knit, which is made by specially treating the cotton fibers before they are spun into a yarn. With a binded neck and a fabric that breathes, this comfortable tee will stay as loyal as your 4-legged homeboy through your fearless journey ahead.

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To Keep em white:

Stay outta the dryer

Throw in a dab of baking soda when washing

Always classic with blue or black denim

Cap off the look with converse or a vintage pair of boots

Know your fit – so you can rock them with confidence like the white-tee forefathers; James Dean & Marlon Brando

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