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Just because we are mostly confined to our quarters doesn't mean we can't still sip and support. Here's our San Diego hit list for coffee and cocktails that you can still get your hands on.


BY: Ben Hitch Contributing writer

One can certainly not deny that we all have fallen on tough times. And in any situation, there are going to be some who feel the magnitude of the turmoil at a much grander scale. To no fault of their own, the coffee shops and bars are at a near standstill as hopeful lines form outside on sidewalks with explorers socially distanced 6ft apart. Unless you are truly mandated to your home, now is the time to get out and buy what you can from your favorite brick and mortars. Whether it be your favorite cup of coffee, beans to take home, or the to-go cocktail, every purchase helps.




Underbelly / North Park

From the squad that brought you Raised by Wolves, Nobel Experiment, and most recently, J and Tony’s Cured Meats and Negroni Warehouse, CH Projects is cycling through the portfolio at their Underbelly North Park location. Expect to see guest appearances from the entire bar savy family and to stay in the know, be sure to follow @underbelly_northpark.


Small Bar / University Heights

A Small Bar that has always been known for their craft cocktails is now sealing drinks off in the mason jars. Surely you’ll see the usual suspects in the to-go formation, but as we’re all starting to go a little haywire from being cooped up, the team at Small Bar is cranking some creative endeavors. The latest being an Old Fashioned coffee kit proving to be the real fuel to start the day. And as not to miss last call, @smallbarsd is where you need to be.


Kettner Exchange / Little Italy

There really isn’t anything wrong with a cocktail in a jar especially when it’s prepared by the pros. Ketter Exchange is mixing a variety of cocktails falling under either the “SHAKEN & REFRESHING” or “STIRRED & DIRECT” categories. And while each jar contains 2-3 servings of the cocktail, we’re certainly not telling you that you have to share… #quarantinelife. Check them out for their latest offerings.


Fernside / South Park

South Park’s Fernside is not kidding around when their menu says “Booze to Go”… with or without your own growler. Fernside has premade bottled cocktails ready for pickup and bottles of wine looking for a new temporary home. New cocktails are hitting the menu every couple of days and because every day is packed with uncertainty, @fernsideftw is a solid back pocket remedy when the corner store offerings just don’t cut it anymore.




OB Bean Coffee Roasters / Ocean Beach

Ship the beans to your door or brave the outside world for a delicious cup of coffee made outside your quarantine bungalow. OB Beans is still roasting on the regular, so either hop on over to their online headquarters to have whole or ground beans shipped to your front door or swing by for a to-go cup because there is something special about the taste of a fresh cup straight from the source.


Dark Horse Coffee Roasters / North Park

Whether you take your coffee shipped or by a 4pack of canned cold brew, Dark Horse Coffee Roasters in North Park is still intent on delivering the caffeine. And because the people have spoken—and demanded—Dark Horse has stepped beyond to make their donuts available, pre-packed, and ready to accessorize your work sweat pants. Unlike their coffee, they don’t have their hours down to a science, so hit their IG – @darkhorsecoffee for the best time to get your coffee drip.


Scrimshaw Coffee / El Cerrito

After attempting to close their doors amid the chaos of COVID-19, the community stood its ground with middle fingers raised high. Well, maybe there were no flying birds, but the community did show up to let Scrimshaw know closure was not an option. And with re-opened “doors” for curbside pickup, a socially distant order, and pay online process, Scrimshaw is intent on providing the community with a seamless pickup of coffee and morning time snacks.



Swing by The Friendly on 30th, the pizza and burger have become more than friends

Remember just because you got the cocktail to-go doesn’t you can enjoy it on-the-go

If you venture out, please do so responsibly and abide by current mandates

Did you know it’s named COVID-19 because it was first discovered in 2019?

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