Welcome to CYTIES, a movement created for modern men and built for nomads devoted to endless adventure with a twist of style and luxury. CYTIES is a bootstrapped revolution dedicated to the continuous pursuit of the best Bars, Coffee, Style and Stay in diverse urban grids, as well as topic advice, sit down interviews, gear features, and grooming tips to enhance a journeyman’s lifestyle.

  • BarsBaddest bars in each city
  • CoffeeCoolest coffee hangs for a bold cup
  • StyleBrick & mortar shops for sharp looks
  • StayBoutique hotels for spoiled shelter

The environments and products that live within our Field Guide for the Modern Man are founded by passionate people, committed to hard work and the persistent ambition to stand out from the ordinary. Determined to break the shackles of overused and exhausted publication approaches, CYTIES brings features to life through creative writing, stunning visuals, and interactive maps — igniting a trail of discovery for jet-setters exploring the greatest cities in America and beyond.

Every single feature highlighted on CYITES is one we have laced up our weathered boots and “Hit the Concrete” to find. These are the establishments exclusive to the creative hustlers of the world who seek to find unrivaled settings — and our team is just getting started.


What exactly does this mean? It means we are not cookie-cutter content, PR schemes, or random individuals writing about subjects that they particularly don’t know much about. We are real.  Are these fighting words? No, it’s just something we are extremely proud of, and have worked tirelessly to achieve. Every individual on the CYTIES team is a professional within the category they cover and tremendously passionate about the subject material involved. We started CYTIES believing there was something missing in the constant stream of travel information on the today’s web. We’re here to change the game, to paint the experience of a particular place or subject so when our readers get to experience it, it’s that much enhanced in every single aspect.

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