This all started as organized spreadsheets for friends seeking city guides and inside travel tips to our favorite places. Then, in the best way, it spun out of control. Now, CYTIES has grown into one of the most organic webzines around, built for who we believe is today’s Modern Explorer.

One thing has not changed, we continue to write and cover the things we love, be it travel guides, sit-down interviews, lifestyle articles, style catalogs, videos, and travel gear.

Quite simply, the guys at CYTIES just “get it.” They’ve got such a great eye for what’s cool and the adventures and stories to bring those products to life.   — Huckberry

What drives our mission forward is our industry knowledge. The hard truth (which most people don’t want to hear) is most travel or “must-see” sites are driven by large PR schemes, publicity agencies, or money grabs. We’re not into that. The places and products that live on CYTIES are the stuff we’re into, all wrapped around one theme we can’t seem to get enough of…travel.

Besides the kick-ass content from our small devoted team, let us know if we can do anything else to help you; drop us a line at info@cyties.com.

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