Davis Street Espresso

Texas hold ’em — the game of immeasurable concentration, skill, and nerves. Many have referred to the game as risky, but the confident hands that pass the chips between knuckles as fast as Led Zeppelin moves fingers […]

Shoals Sound & Service

Soul and southern rock run the table at Shoals. A record player spins vinyl over the sounds of ice pouring and cocktail stirring. No aux cord, no jukebox, and the only DJs are the bartenders as […]

The Statler Dallas

One of the steps toward modern manhood is learning to make an entrance. For men, making an entrance is a statement you make in the outfit you wear, the way you style your hair, and how […]

STAG Provisions for Men

Men’s style is an evolution, changing slowly over time while maintaining an everlasting soul. No matter the terrain, a well put-together man always stands a little taller than the rest. STAG Provisions for Men stays at […]

Men's ShopstyleDallas
The Bowen House / Santos Y Pecadores

Long before Dallas began to scrape the clouds with its infamous skyscrapers etched with neon, it was a town full of dirt roads, horse-drawn carriages, and rolling tumbleweeds. That all quickly changed when the railroad came […]

barCocktail BarDallas
The Wild Detectives

A coffee shop submerged in a book store – just like a Starbucks parked in the front of Barnes and Noble, right? Do you think a Moped and a Harley Davidson have the same torque? They […]

Fiction Coffee

Size doesn’t matter if you’re a coffee shop. At least, that’s what we think about Fiction Coffee, Dallas’ newest coffee spot. From the outside, it’s a small brick building with stellar murals. Inside, it’s a small […]

High & Tight Barbershop

In the much simpler times of shoeshines, straight razors, and wool trousers held up to the waist by heavy-duty suspenders, the aesthetic of the refined gentleman was born. As a welcoming place where a fellow could […]

barBarber ShopSpeakeasystyleDallas
Houndstooth Coffee

Dallas today is an amalgamation of diverse neighborhoods, each with their own identity and style, kind of like a houndstooth, or plaids worn by Scotsmen of the highlands of Scotland centuries ago. It kind of makes […]


This is one place where getting toasted is totally acceptable — even if you want to do it before work. When Dallas got its first toast-themed restaurant, the city rejoiced, and for good reason. Who knew […]

The Tipsy Alchemist

Do NOT sleep on this kitschy craft cocktail wonderland with “alchemist” bartenders who manage to make chemistry seem accessible and fun. They’re so committed to the motif – all the way down to the periodic-table-inspired menu –that […]

barCocktail BarDallas
Bourbon & Banter

Banter: The witty chatter between two comrades, usually while embarking on a bold cocktail. If (I) told (YOU) that consciousness was something (I) planned on carrying with me through eternity. And then (YOU) said that it would […]

DLM Supply

There’s nothing quite like a family-run business. Each one has its own special history, morals, and values that blend together in the colorful tapestry of the United States. Truly, the small businesses of this country are […]

Men's ShopstyleDallas
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