The Wild Detectives

Mon: 2pm - 12am
  • Mon: 2pm - 12am
  • Tues - Fri: 10am - 12am
  • Sat: 10am - 1am
  • Sun: 10am - 12am

The Wild Detectives is an Indie bookstore & cafe offering a variety of titles, coffee, and cocktails. The shops location is in the cities cool Bishop Arts District, and is a hangout for the cities writers, creators, literature lovers and coffee enthusiasts. Their event schedule offers several events a week, including: readings, concerts, and film showings. Head into The Wild Detectives and let them take you through a passage of cocktails, literature, community, and of course...coffee.


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

A coffee shop submerged in a book store – just like a Starbucks parked in the front of Barnes and Noble, right? Do you think a Moped and a Harley Davidson have the same torque? They both have two wheels and a clutch. How about Tom Hardy and Toby McGuire, both actors, same appeal?  We’ll take a slow drip coffee over a Mocha Frappuccino any day of the week, especially when we get to hang out in our favorite Dallas neighborhood – The Bishops Art’s District. The Wild Detectives has us turning in our compasses for a gold shield, and investigating bold coffee, cool conversation, and… tasty cocktails?

Mixing a creative space with cocktails and books, well, that’s like graphic novel featuring Hemingway and Andy Warhol. Can you only imagine?

This indie book store offers a variety of titles, an array of vices, caffeine, music and daily events. They developed a creative space where people can come have a drink, share ideas and engage in conversation; Society’s forgotten path of learning through individuals or the black and white text from a novel where your fingers can feel the edge of a paper and you can smell scent of old print.

Mixing a creative space with cocktails and books, well, that’s like graphic novel featuring Hemingway and Andy Warhol. Can you only imagine? But it works here. The aromas of coffee in the morning mixed with the likes of a fictional tale. Or how about sipping on beverage while engaging in one of their daily events.  Check their events page to find out about book presentations, poetry readings, movie screenings, DJ sets and more.

The moniker for the shop is a loose translation of Roberto Bolaño’s book, Los Detectives Salvajes (The Savage Detectives), from which they take the name and the overall ethos. The author of the book Juan Villoro says, “The Savage Detectives are life investigators, inspectors of the experience.” The stores mission comes from that line. So, in their words: “To curate all those things that matter, those serious pleasures which turn life into experience.”

THESE Wild Detectives are a true savage. They hurt while large corporations came in and shut down the antiquated book shops, and then smirked as they stole back the business. A true Robin Hood of literarily knowledge. Pocketing the creatives, the trend-setters, and the who dine in a deeper understanding. Expanding the imagination, while combining artistic knowledge though analog involvement. And as the iPad and Kindle have now begun to eliminate the likes of the large bookstore chains, The Wild detectives remain un-touched. Because when you fly in a different atmosphere than the masses, your mystique remains unfathomed.


Make sure and check out their events page, it can provide all the action you need for a chill, but fun Dallas week.

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At dusk, lights will be dimmed and music will go up to put you at ease in case you want to grab a drink. CYTIES cocktail recommendation is their Shakespeare’s Sister

They offer snacks and freshly made breakfast tacos by El Padrino

No WiFi on weekends to help promote human interaction

Coffee Roast: Oak Cliff Coffee