Lazarus Brewing Company

It all started with a garden. No Adam or Eve this time, and no imagery of a serpent or that fateful bite of forbidden fruit, either. For the folks behind Lazarus Brewing Company in East Austin, […]

Native Hostel

At Native Hostel, people come for the vibes, and they stay for the beds. From the outside, Native Hostel looks like a dilapidated limestone building, lit by a string of lights. Inside, it’s anything but. There’s […]


Sin is the act of doing wrong in the eyes of divine law. Yet, there’s one bar that has reclaimed “sin” for their own. It’s called Péché, an Austin bar whose name means “sin” in French. […]

barCocktail BarAustin
Jo’s Coffee

You wake up to a pounding head, the sour taste of beer in your mouth, and the smell of too much partying on Austin’s 6th Street. You can’t look at your phone as you slide it […]

Hotel San José

Austin is the hip uncle of the South. He knows all the coolest bands at South by Southwest, makes a mean taco, and takes men under his wing to show them a damn good time. Austin […]

South Congress Hotel

The Texas heat is known to cause a few mirages. We assure you, however, that South Congress Hotel is just as real on the inside as it is on the out. Concrete ceilings and wooden floors are […]

Cuvée Coffee

Is this an advertisement?  Is this a digital manuscript that begs the reader to ask themselves a question while seamlessly suggesting that they try this product?  Is this a paid-for review by Cuvée Coffee to CYTIES […]


Whisler’s on the east side of Austin is like a time vortex; it’s deeply rooted but not out of date. Fairly new but definitely not modern. Nostalgic, yes. Reflective and evocative? Well, that depends on who […]

barCocktail BarAustin
Weathered Coalition

Proudly constructed on Rock Rose Avenue, you will find Weathered Coalition, a community-based men’s shop committed to supplying goods that enhance your life story as a man. True to the name, owners Tyler Guinn and Ben […]

Seventh Flag

Over the lifespan of the locality of Texas, six different countries have tried to lay claim to the confident, courageous, and sometimes wild state. While different flags have made their own attempts at subduing the great […]

STAG Austin

The buzzing neon signage above STAG Austin is as bold as its stylish mission, and its dedication to the modern man is as endless as the blue sky behind it. Every great story has an origin, and […]

Yellow Jacket Social Club

They say that perfume helps a sting, but then again, what does the scent of a woman not help? While the memory of the sting itself may be foggy, the inflammation can be felt in the days […]

Wright Bros. Brew & Brew

When you hear the name Wright Bros., you think of two siblings dedicated to the provocative thought of aviation. In Austin, the name Wright Bros. is known for giving flight to a movement based on a […]

Shed Barbershop & Supply

It’s said there is a short list of important people in a man’s life. His companion, his doctor, his bartender, and arguably the most crucial, his barber. Shed Barbershop & Supply shines truth on that statement […]

Barber ShopstyleAustin
Flat Track Coffee

Flat Track Coffee is more than a buzz and a brand. It’s a community that is defined by hard work and anything that runs on wheels. Parked outside in front of its vibrant mural will be […]

Dry Creek Boat Dock

The kind of classic dive that is Dry Creek Boat Dock is something we consider an endangered species. It just doesn’t get more timeless than this. Let’s start by addressing that there is no creek or dock, […]

barDive BarAustin
The Buzz Mill

Whether it’s a Saturday afternoon or you’re just on the hunt for a Monday morning pick-me-up, The Buzz Mill dispenses exactly what you require to get that much-needed boost. On the outside, this Texas joint looks […]

Midnight Cowboy

You could walk by a hundred times and still miss it – and that’s exactly how they want it. It’s how the aged Victorian-style building which has made its living off of the idea of deception […]

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