Yellow Jacket Social Club

time Everyday: 11am - 2am

Yellow Jacket is a cozy watering hole known for cold beers, good cocktails, a dog-friendly patio, and BBQ. Located in East Austin, this is a choice spot to meet up with the crew and grab some day drinks. Keep your eyes peeled for some classic cars and bikes parked out front.


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

They say that perfume helps a sting, but then again, what does the scent of a woman not help? While the memory of the sting itself may be foggy, the inflammation can be felt in the days to come. Our days usually start the same way, but as human beings, curious and adventurous creatures that we are, we can never resist the beckon of temptation. As we congregate together to watch a game, chow down on some BBQ and have a few brews, it hits us: the day has been seized. Seared by the Texas heat, welcomed by the company of your peers, refreshed by some ice cold beers, stung by The Yellow Jacket Social Club.

The only scheduled meeting on the books today is in East Austin, and rumor has it that the speaker of the house creates quite a buzz.

Located on 5th Street in East Austin, Yellow Jacket is open daily from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m., giving you plenty of time to catch rays, watch the sunset, and dine and drink your night away. With park benches and tall trees aligning its outer edge, you’ll get a healthy shot of oxygen and sunshine with every beer consumed.

Really staying true to their name as a social club, this establishment has a variety of like-minded individuals who will accompany you in toasting to everything under the sun. If you want to beat the heat for a bit, walk inside to find a full bar and a place to sit. Parked out front, you’ll find an array of motorcycles, classic cars, and bicycles. While the community of this social club might arrive on different wheels, their passion for good food and drinks is all the same.

So, throw on your Garrett Leight sunglasses from Stag, lace up those Chuck Taylor classics, and call up the crew. The only scheduled meeting on the books today is in East Austin, and rumor has it that the speaker of the house creates quite a buzz. We can’t promise that the swelling of this adventure won’t sneak into the morning, but we’ll go out on a limb to say that the sting of this Yellow Jacket won’t soon be forgotten.


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