Get a fresh perspective on the world’s oldest form of booze - mead - at the Bushwick tasting room, Honey’s. An eclectic space known for everything from a new tantalizing [...]

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Transcend your mind, body, and taste buds to the remote Columbian jungle in one of Devocian’s three NYC locations and experience the only company in the world that roasts true farm-fresh [...]

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Public Records

Oh Brooklyn how you continue to amaze with all your cool spots to get coffee, hang, and dance the night away. How do keep coming with the trendy bars? How [...]

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Jane Motorcycles

When it comes time to fire the pistons, rev the engine and pick up some new canvas or leather, there comes a coveted one-stop shop built on the collaboration of [...]

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Wooden Sleepers

Set against a backdrop of shipyards and truly retro warehouses is Red Hook’s Van Brunt Street, the main artery to indie distilleries, off the radar galleries and a little shop [...]

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Bar Beau

Bar Beau is a specialty coffee shop during the day with a hidden cocktail bar available at night. Set in Williamsburg, Bar Beau is a local favorite serving up creative [...]

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Sweatshop is Williamsburg’s Aussie-style coffee shop with a simple design and a menu with influences from the land down under.

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Hoxton Williamsburg

Hoxton Williamsburg is the first of the British Hoxton hotel brand to arrive in the U.S. Enjoy a rooftop restaurant, a posh lobby, and relaxing rooms with minibars and breakfast [...]

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Grand Army

Located within a mass of trendy shops and eateries lies a unique twist on the neighborhood bar. With a group of seasoned industry professionals at the helm, an expert beverage [...]

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SEY COFFEE is a Brooklyn coffee shop that focuses on single-origin coffee in their Nordic-inspired space. Roll by to get a bold taste of the Brooklyn lifestyle, matched with a [...]

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Everyman Espresso

With three locations, Everyman Espresso creates an experience of high-quality brews and a playful design. Whether you’re trying their coffee cocktails or just getting a shot of espresso, you shouldn’t [...]

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Sweet Polly is a cozy cocktail bar in Brooklyn. They also offer wines, New York beers, oysters and other small plates. When in search of an intamite hideout for the [...]

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1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

1 Brooklyn Bridge is a waterfront retreat with spectacular views of Manhattan and the East River. This trendy hotel is located in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and offers industrial chic-rooms that [...]

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Wythe Hotel

Wythe Hotel is an independent shelter focused on culture, food, and community. This Brooklyn haven is in a 1901 factory building, and offers camera ready views of New York City. Located in the [...]

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Pilgrim Surf + Supply

Pilgrim Surf + Supply is an airy, laid-back space with a casual beach theme. They specialize in surfwear, boards and gear, keeping New Yorkers always ready for any gnarly wave [...]

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Parlor Coffee

Parlor Coffee Roasters is a  hip Brooklyn coffee shop and roastery. While the shop is only open to the public on Sundays, the roastery stays busy, grinding out a delicious [...]

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The Brooklyn Circus

The Brooklyn Circus is a casual, hip men's shop with a vintage feel. With letter jackets, PF Flyers, hats and T-shirts, they've got you covered for galavanting through any Brooklyn [...]

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Hungry Ghost Coffee Bar

Hungry Ghost Coffee Bar is on a Brooklyn takeover. This caffeine emporium has taken NYC by storm, serving up Portland's Stumptown coffee, and the best espressos in New York. Stop [...]

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The Williamsburg Hotel

The Williamsburg Hotel is located in north Brooklyn, with Manhattan in its scopes — right over the bridge. The stay offers a modern, industrial style, with plenty of in-shelter amenities [...]

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Diamond Lil

Diamond Lil is a cocktail minefield in Brooklyn. Inside, delicious drinks are matched with familiar tunes and good conversation. Not large in size, but definitely in value — the vices [...]

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Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle Coffee are trendy cafes popping up all over New York City. This caffiene gugernaut offers upscale coffee drinks and pastries in minimalist designed shops. Having mastered the art [...]

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Weather Up

Weather Up serves potent, old-school libations served in a white-tiled, speakeasy-like atmosphere. This dim-lit, intimate Brooklyn cocktail bar changes with the seasons. In the spring and summer months enjoy a [...]

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Skinny Dennis

Skinny Dennis is a down-home, honky-tonk saloon.  They've paired their woody space with cold beer and live country music. This is a choice spot when you want a break from [...]

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