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Pilgrim Surf + Supply is an airy, laid-back space with a casual beach theme. They specialize in surfwear, boards and gear, keeping New Yorkers always ready for any gnarly wave thrown their way. Head in and grab essentials that will keep you beaming through a scorching summer or the coldest of winters. 


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

When the topic is men’s style in modern-day Brooklyn, you better be making a wave if you want to be heard. Winter winds give way to convoluted layers of wool, scarves, and snow-trekking boots. With spring, an arsenal of unordinary short-sleeve button-ups, vintage graphic tees, Moscot frames, and…a surfboard? Yes, move your ass over on the L, a surfboard is coming through.

Ride down the barrel of 3rd Street and arrive at the unconventional Pilgrim Surf + Supply, a sought-after paradise of collections designed for an urban man whose style serves as a sole signature of his voyage through life. Within the steel-framed walls of city living, Pilgrim offers a break from a monotonous undertow of preconceived style rules. Like anything manmade, the environment is the precursor to the product. We entertain the idea that if Bodhi indeed did survive that century storm, leaving Johnny Utah solo in the sand, this is what his private Costa Rican runaway pad looks like. Woodworked shelves, sanded trunk tables, and a treehouse floor have you fooled that the Pacific sun and sand are right outside the doorway.

So let the Johnny Utahs stand in wet sand and revel in the balance of your New York mind and coastal spirit

Hang ten, twenty, or sixty-plus minutes in Pilgrim to rummage through sought-after gear with sensible style. Single-pleat pants and crew necks echo a beach bonfire with a side of cold Montauk beers. If the rain is sideways, down-insulated shirts and nylon coats are a go-to timeless shell. The accessories are what will keep any weathered eye paddling through Pilgrim’s muse. Ribbed beanies, bags, wetsuits, sleek frames, and beach towels of meticulous craft concentrate the space. Oh, and that’s not a stained-glass window — look closer to find an array of fiberglass tail fins casting an organic light show on the shop ceiling, introducing the backbone of the operation: the boards. Our CYTIES pick-up? The Puryear Pullover Hoodie—cuffed and so damn classic.

Part of the addiction here is the daily choice of vinyl from shop owner, surfer, and style visionary Chris Gentile. The music is the final signature of his creation for young, old, and seasonal city shredders. The rotating tunes serve as a vital piece of the foundation of Pilgrim, a getaway to assist in solving the humbling challenges of a needed escape from the skyline to nature.

So let the Johnny Utahs stand in wet sand and revel in the balance of your New York mind and coastal spirit. And make it a Point to Break the idea of what a Brooklyn brick-and-mortar men’s shop should intend to be in a big city.

“Back off Warchild, seriously” — Bodhi, Point Break (1991)


Keep an eye open for surf legends Rusty Miller, Jamie Brisick or Nick Carroll who stop in when in NYC

Hit up Radegast Hall & Biergarten on 3rd for grilled wurst and music

Stay up on special in-shop events and launch parties, especially in the Summer months

Hit the shop early, and help them select a Vinyl for the day

Another style essential, RRL is across the street