The 18th Room

Today, the term speakeasy represents the style of a bar – perhaps one with a hidden passage and a sultry, low-lit interior design. However, during Prohibition era, speakeasies were illegal bars and had to be hidden […]

barSpeakeasy Manhattan
Arlo NoMad

As men, we are always climbing to the top of hills in the hopes of obtaining our goals, so that one day, we can stand upon the tallest, most fortified hill yet, surveying the kingdom we […]

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Voyager Espresso

There’s something about Voyager Espresso that’ll have you singing, “Ground Control to Major Tom,” as it’s taking coffee to space – aesthetically, of course. Voyager Espresso isn’t your typical coffee shop. For one, it’s located in […]

coffee Manhattan

Where do we start? This cocktail harbor has more layers than a film by Martin Scorsese and it’s just as entertaining. If you’re an aficionado of dark-frame spectacles, make sure they’re on, because just like a […]

barCocktail Bar Manhattan
Freehand New York

When a building is abandoned or bought and rebranded into another place, we lose something of its past. New York City is filled with places in which history was made, where artists of all kinds gathered […]

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Freemans Sporting Club

When one thinks of men’s modern style in Manhattan, a lyric from Bob Dylan strikes the mind: “Don’t think twice, it’s all right.” Dylan spent a good amount of time in Manhattan, the city that helped […]

Men's Shopstyle Manhattan
Bar Goto

Within the current transformative era of craft cocktails, we’re thriving in an age where creativity should be boundless, still, originality often wavers. Especially within the bustling New York cocktail scene, there isn’t much that hasn’t already […]

barCocktail Bar Manhattan
The Ludlow Hotel

New York in the 80’s writhed and thrived with an undercurrent of change. The Big Apple inspired artists like Basquiat, The Ramones, and De Niro, while the streets gathered together to give rise to early hip […]

stay Manhattan

Attaboy rolls with a first-come-first-served policy, and it’s not big, so arrive early or be prepared to be put on the “call list.” Think of the bar as your date – she might make you wait a […]

barCocktail Bar Manhattan

We love traveling the world, and for us, traveling is more than just witnessing the historic attractions, practicing a new language, and learning about new customs. We like to dive deep into the flavors of the […]

barCocktail Bar Manhattan
The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog

“Respect, then revolution” — Follow Manhattan south, farther than the Brooklyn Bridge, past the reflection of Freedom Tower and the awe of Trinity Church, deeper into the rising steam of FiDi. Down an alley, a pair […]

bar Manhattan

If they call New York City a melting pot, then Apotheke is the pot calling the kettle hot. It’s home to a conundrum of cultures that have all crossed paths on Doyers Street, which was once […]

barCocktail Bar Manhattan
J. Crew Liquor Store

Coasters are something that the bar man puts down when he first hands you your drink. We play by the rules… for maybe a drink or two. But as the natural light disappears and the dim […]

Men's Shopstyle Manhattan
Gasoline Alley Coffee

Andy Warhol: a man who knew a thing or two about examining the details. While pioneering the visual movement of pop art, he wandered the streets of NoHo in his infamous dark oval frames. Long before […]

coffee Manhattan
Death & Company

Coming across a quiet and peculiar set of doors on a pitch-black evening in Manhattan, stumbling inside, and ending up in the belly of a majestic, dimly- lit cocktail haven sounds somewhat like a Lynchian dream […]

barCocktail Bar Manhattan
La Colombe

Twenty two years ago, La Colombe sent out a dove, a messenger of peace from the city of brotherly love. Too often, coffee is thought of as a raven, a corvus, a black bird sent by […]

coffee Manhattan
Ace Hotel New York

The age-old question: Can you have your cake and eat it, too? When it comes to love, sorry brother, that’s not always the case. But for hotels – you better god damn believe it. Which brings […]

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Best Made Co.

Maps are made to be rolled out on large surfaces, each corner anchored down with relics of past travels; the paths and coordinates between x, y, and z are to be circled, highlighted, and examined for […]

style Manhattan
The NoMad Hotel

A gentleman does not appear overnight. Neither clothes nor job make him a gentleman. He goes through multiple phases: acknowledging his wish to be a gentleman, adjusting his personality and habits, feeding his brain with knowledge […]

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Hungry Ghost Coffee Bar

Giving people a caffeinated substance and then asking them to be quiet is much like dressing up as Beetlejuice on Halloween and then sitting at home and watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.” When did it become […]

coffee Brooklyn Brooklyn Coffee Manhattan
Blue Bottle

Knowing what you’re about to hold, your fingers slowly grip the walls of their brown paper cup. The palm of your hand attracts to the warmth like it’s a firefly around a campfire. There are people […]

coffee Brooklyn Brooklyn Coffee Manhattan
Buck Mason NYC

Isn’t the coolest guy in the room always the one who says the least? The mystery behind his eyes, the mystique of the words not said. You know he’s listening, but why is his mouth not […]

Men's Shopstyle Manhattan
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