This members only bar is located inside of a historic 19th-century chapel. The Chapel Bar is illusive and awe-inspiring, exclusively open to patrons of the museum Fotografiska or members of [...]

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Sugar Monk

A palpable passion for art, design, and surprising ingredients separates Sugar Monk from the pack of new NYC speakeasies, carrying forth the creative legacy of a neighborhood known for its [...]

barCocktail BarManhattan Manhattan Bars
Sister City

The youngest child in the Ace Hotel family forges its own identity on the Bowery. Sister City offers a tech-forward, minimalist retreat inspired by a refreshing Less, But Better philosophy, [...]

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Lion Lion

A cocktail bar veteran’s low-key destination in the heart of East Harlem, Lion Lion has all the pedigree without the frills, serving an abundance of uptown flavor and hospitality. Come [...]

barCocktail BarManhattan Manhattan Bars
Moxy Chelsea

Moxy is a Chelsea boutique hotel where trendy tomfoolery is damn near encouraged. With 35 floors of rooms perfect for the traveling artist, wanderlusting couple, or just your garden-variety business [...]

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George Washington Bar

Considered one of the best bars in the world, George Washington Bar at Freehand NYC operates within a refurbished library room on the second floor of the historic building that [...]

barCocktail BarManhattan Manhattan Bars
C.C. Filson

Answer the call to the red neon C.C.F. sign, and step into the ultimate general store from the long-running brand that stands the test of time. C.C. Filson offers exclusive [...]

styleManhattan Manhattan Style
The Garret West

The Garret West is a handsome second-floor bar with exposed brick, serving cocktails, shots, and cold beers. The digs are above Five Guys Burgers in New York's West Village, creating [...]

barManhattan Manhattan Bars
Everyman Espresso

With three locations, Everyman Espresso creates an experience of high-quality brews and a playful design. Whether you’re trying their coffee cocktails or just getting a shot of espresso, you shouldn’t [...]

coffeeBrooklyn Manhattan
The Beekman Hotel

The Beekman is an unforgettable hotel, offering a stunning 19th-century design, upscale amenities in the stylish rooms, and delectable cuisine in their restaurants.

stayManhattan Manhattan Stay

The first ever retail experience of Huckberry has arrived offering a fine balance of destination and inspiration. The pop-up will be open from November through January and feature actionable adventures [...]

styleManhattan Manhattan Style
The 18th Room

The 18th Room is New York City’s newest speakeasy with a coffee supply storefront. Made-to-order cocktails for every customer’s unique taste is a huge element of this cool, opulent bar.

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Arlo NoMad

Travelers will find Arlo NoMad to be a hip and trendy spot with cozy room furnishings and a great rooftop bar. With a location in Midtown, it’s easy to conquer [...]

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Voyager Espresso

Voyager Espresso is a sleek, futuristic coffee shop serving caffeinated beverages and toast. Open only on the weekdays, Voyager is a luxury to be enjoyed by the workweek hustlers. 

coffeeManhattan Manhattan Coffee

BlackTail is a cocktail bar with a retro Cuban theme that serves Old Havana inspired vices and American dishes. Located in Pier A Harbor House, they have a decorous space [...]

barCocktail BarManhattan Manhattan Bars
Freehand New York

Situated in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, Freehand NYC is located in the former George Washington Hotel — once home to many storied writers, musicians and creatives. This Manhattan shelter offers superlative options for [...]

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Freemans Sporting Club

Freemans Sporting Club is a cool nook for sharp, modern menswear. If you're in the market for casual shirts, shoes, and bespoke suits, stop in to browse through an unmatched [...]

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Bar Goto

Bar Goto is a bar specializing in bespoke cocktails and delicious Japanese bar food. It's all in the details at this contemporary take on an izakaya, as the aesthetics and [...]

barCocktail BarManhattan Manhattan Bars
The Ludlow Hotel

Set in the Lower East Side, this chic boutique hotel is a one mile walk to Washington Square Park. The refuge offers modern rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows for vivid views [...]

stayManhattan Manhattan Stay

Attaboy offers innovative and classic concoctions mixed up in an industrial-style space. The gurus behind the bar are known for making some of the best vices in Manhattan. Head in early [...]

barCocktail BarManhattan Manhattan Bars

Mace is a cocktail bar you go to for creative craft vices and delicious snacks. They are situated in a cozy brick-walled space with banquette seating. Using fresh ingredients in [...]

barCocktail BarManhattan Manhattan Bars
The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog

Dead Rabbit is one of the best bars in the world, the awards have stacked up to prove it. If you're in lower Manhattan, enter this two-story saloon that perfectly [...]

barManhattan Manhattan Bars

Apotheke is where mixologists in pharmacist-style garb whip up complex cocktails using fresh ingredients, different liquors, and absinthe.  The bar is nestled in an off-the-beaten path hideaway in Chinatown where [...]

barCocktail BarManhattan Manhattan Bars
J. Crew Liquor Store

J. Crew Liquor store is a one-of-a-kind men's shop produced by the style juggernauts who brought the J. Crew name to every major city.  This outpost is different than the [...]

Men's ShopstyleManhattan Manhattan Style
Gasoline Alley Coffee

Gasoline Alley Coffee are a trio of vibrant and bustling coffee shops with an energetic atmosphere offering premium artisanal brews. Fuel your body, like you would your bike. 

coffeeManhattan Manhattan Coffee
Death & Company

Death & Company is a legendary bar in the East Village. Over the last several years it has been a skyscraper name among the bar scene around the world. The [...]

barCocktail BarManhattan Manhattan Bars
La Colombe

La Colombe has several locations scattered around the Big Apple. They are trendy cafes in  sleek spaces, serving house-brand artisanal coffee, pastries and snacks. It's for good reason that this [...]

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Ace Hotel New York

Ace Hotel New York lives in a historic, turn-of-the-century building in Manhattan. The shelter is a boutique property offering hip rooms, Stumptown coffee, and delicious food and cocktail options. 

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Best Made Co.

Best Made Co. is an outdoor clothing and equipment shop in New York City. This outpost is a retreat for the manliest of men, those who dress for adventure, know [...]

styleManhattan Manhattan Style
The NoMad Hotel

NoMad Hotel New York is situated in a historic beaux arts building, this chic, Parisian-inspired hotel is a few blocks from the Museum of Modern Art. The hotel offers an [...]

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Hungry Ghost Coffee Bar

Hungry Ghost Coffee Bar is on a Brooklyn takeover. This caffeine emporium has taken NYC by storm, serving up Portland's Stumptown coffee, and the best espressos in New York. Stop [...]

coffeeBrooklyn Manhattan
Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle Coffee are trendy cafes popping up all over New York City. This caffiene gugernaut offers upscale coffee drinks and pastries in minimalist designed shops. Having mastered the art [...]

coffeeBrooklyn Manhattan
Buck Mason NYC

Buck Mason is an American men's clothing brand on Elizabeth Street in Manhattan. The brick-and-mortar has laid the groundwork for timeless men's style. They specialize in well fitting jeans, butter [...]

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