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Washington, D.C.


O.K.P.B. is your favorite new speakeasy. We mean it. Nestled in the quaint Mt. Pleasant neighborhood, its daily rotating cocktail menu, disarming charm, and a trove of surprises keep you [...]

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Jane Jane, anchored along the popular 14th Street Corridor, implores “please don’t do coke in the bathroom.” Their stylish 850-square foot digs that conjure mom’s kitchen vibes and boozy beverages [...]

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Denson’s Liquor Bar is one of D.C.’s best-hidden gems and an anchor of the city’s fledgling beverage scene. The art-deco-infused, old-school feel of the space gives us all the ’20s [...]

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Vigilante Coffee is the brainchild of owner/roaster Chris Vigilante. Vigilante cut his teeth in Hawaii, where he learned to brew and got a crash course in “the art of serving [...]

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Share a bar with the big time players of DC in this insulated and sexy bar, tucked downstairs at the Hay-Adams Hotel just a little more than a stone’s-throw from [...]

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The St. Gregory Hotel is suave, sophisticated, and sleek. The design is nimble and debonair, with surprising features and warm tones that bleed into its sleeper quarters. A white marble [...]

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A badass rooftop, speakeasy, radio station, wellness center and featured restaurant -- American Son -- inspired by its creator’s experiences as a second-generation chinese immigrant in rural Arkansas. All of [...]

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An intimate cocktail bar hidden inside the Eaton DC hotel. Once you find your way, low lighting, rich red accents, and a stunning Alice-in-Wonderland-esque mural stir your imagination and set [...]

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600 T

Who would have thunk it? If you strip down bar design to its most basic elements, focusing instead on outstanding bartending, great conversation and a tailor-made experience, you get something [...]

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Colony Club

Coffee by day and cocktails, beer and wine by night . . . It’s the Bruce Wayne/Caped Crusader of establishments. The name, which pays homage to the District’s past, and [...]

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Truxton Inn

A cozy neighborhood bar with an open-air layout conducive to conversation with friends and strangers alike. Creatively themed cocktails, fresh ingredients, and an expansive spirit list make for a great [...]

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The Wydown

The Wydown Coffee Bar is a modern take on big city-small town coffee. Serving up down-home baked goods, curated coffee and Midwestern hospitality, this place leaves you wanting to stay [...]

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Residents Café & Bar

A European-inspired all-day cafe and bar, off the beaten path of DC’s Dupont Circle neighborhood. Residents specializes in intricately created cocktails, a renaissance of the espresso martini and curated experiences [...]

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The Line D.C.

As it goes with designing the modern hotel, the LINE D.C. is ahead of the curve. It’s a cunningly constructed multi-purpose communal space, that features a coffee shop, multiple dining [...]

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Left Door

An intimate upstairs bar featuring inventive and classic cocktails, in a fun and funky atmosphere. Dim lighting, curious details and a fondness for sugar cane-distilled spirits make it a unique [...]

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Ordering an old fashioned or cup of joe should have complexity and personality, and be seamlessly executed. Slipstream is delivering that and much more, offering coffee, cocktails and provisions morning, [...]

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Quavaro delivers durable, handmade, high-quality, ethically-made leather goods — what more could you want from a company? Its aviation-inspired weekenders, backpacks, laptop bags, and tote bags are must-haves and the [...]

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Barber of Hell’s Bottom

Getting a professional shave or trim should be fun, luxurious, curated and draw on classic and modern techniques. Barber of Hell’s Bottom couldn’t agree more, opening its first shop in [...]

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Cotton & Reed

The first of its kind in D.C., the Cotton & Reed distillery is hoping to re-establish rum’s prominence by introducing it as a more versatile spirit than most have come [...]

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Gypsy Sally’s

Gypsy Sally’s is a nostalgic live music venue and bar stashed away in the District’s Georgetown neighborhood. Anyone with a love of music, past or present will want to come [...]

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Filson D.C.

Since putting down roots in Seattle, Filson, founded in 1897 by pioneer C.C. Filson, has extended its footprint across the states. With a reputation for producing high quality, tough and [...]

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The Coffee Bar

TCB serves up coffee the right way... with a side of humility and revelry. From the choose-your-own-adventure espressos, multi-roaster menu, salvaged materials integrated into its design, to the mint colored [...]

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Jack Rose

Jack Rose is a whiskey bar without an equal in Washington D.C. (or anywhere else really). With 2,687 bottles of whiskey on tap, there’s something for everyone, from the refined [...]

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McClellan’s Retreat

McClellan’s Retreat is the District’s salute to American History’s most nonchalant General, best known for this trepidatious command approach - a disposition that endeared him to his troops. In the [...]

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The Gibson

A speakeasy vibe that looks hidden and exclusive but feels intimate and sweeping. The menu is playfully descriptive and honest that leaves you without question but always curious for more. [...]

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Mason & Rook

A tucked-away modern hotel grounded in classic style, sophistication, and great hospitality. Rich wood, accents of auburn, green, gold and grey create a sleek look, in addition to a warm [...]

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