Washington, D.C.

The Coffee Bar

Mon - Sat: 7am - 6pm
  • Mon - Sat: 7am - 6pm
  • Sun: 7:30am - 6pm

TCB serves up coffee the right way... with a side of humility and revelry. From the choose-your-own-adventure espressos, multi-roaster menu, salvaged materials integrated into its design, to the mint colored metal chairs on the patio, this place just puts a grin on your face.


BY: Andrew Williams Contributing writer

TCB is the funky West Coast-inspired caffeine den of Founder Cait Lowry’s dreams. Opening its first location in 2012 in the Historic U Street/Logan Circle/Shaw area, and since expanded to downtown D.C., TCB serves up a bold cup of joe with a breezy vibe. Even the name, The Coffee Bar, is unassuming. And the concept is making its mark, despite an exploding local coffee scene.  

Housed in a building constructed in 1880, there’s something wistful and bohemian about the rustic corner location. One of the few multi-roaster coffee shops in the city (an admittedly ambitious distinction), their self-proclaimed band of coffee geeks are serving up choose-your-own-adventure espressos, house made brew and pour-overs with disarming charm and flair.

This is the kind of joint you’d find in San Diego, Seattle or Austin, with a rhythm that happily offsets the city’s manic pace. You would blend right in rocking jeans, a fresh tee and chucks.

From the mix of misfit couches and loveseats, to the communal high-top tables, patchwork of reclaimed wood, salvaged metal and pop art-themed menu, it’s retro and irresistibly whimsical. As the great Van Wilder once said, “you shouldn’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive.” Why should ordering coffee be any different?

In warmer months, the scene bleeds out onto its front patio, where there’s plenty of space to grind out that killer cover letter or read your beatnik-era novel. Perched adjacent to several bright and well-manicured rowhomes, TCB is the perfect hideaway. 

The atmosphere is rambunctious, motley and a haven for creative hustlers who get inspiration from Jay-Z’s s lyrics, “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man”. Don’t be thrown off by its quirky character and studio-style pendant lights. There are serious coffee drinkers abound making moves. Either way, this is a come as you are, check your ego at the door kind of place and CYTIES is into it.


Get there early on nice days to snag an outdoor spot

They make great seasonal drinks . . . Fall’s coming so get excited peeps

Centered in three of the most happening areas, so do some exploring

7-minute walk from All Souls Bar, a great corner cocktail joint