Washington, D.C.


Washington, D.C.


Vigilante Coffee is the brainchild of owner/roaster Chris Vigilante. Vigilante cut his teeth in Hawaii, where he learned to brew and got a crash course in “the art of serving [...]

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Colony Club

Coffee by day and cocktails, beer and wine by night . . . It’s the Bruce Wayne/Caped Crusader of establishments. The name, which pays homage to the District’s past, and [...]

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The Wydown

The Wydown Coffee Bar is a modern take on big city-small town coffee. Serving up down-home baked goods, curated coffee and Midwestern hospitality, this place leaves you wanting to stay [...]

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Residents Café & Bar

A European-inspired all-day cafe and bar, off the beaten path of DC’s Dupont Circle neighborhood. Residents specializes in intricately created cocktails, a renaissance of the espresso martini and curated experiences [...]

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Ordering an old fashioned or cup of joe should have complexity and personality, and be seamlessly executed. Slipstream is delivering that and much more, offering coffee, cocktails and provisions morning, [...]

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The Coffee Bar

TCB serves up coffee the right way... with a side of humility and revelry. From the choose-your-own-adventure espressos, multi-roaster menu, salvaged materials integrated into its design, to the mint colored [...]

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