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Ordering an old fashioned or cup of joe should have complexity and personality, and be seamlessly executed. Slipstream is delivering that and much more, offering coffee, cocktails and provisions morning, noon and night in two stylish locations in the Logan Circle and Navy Yard neighborhoods.


BY: Andrew Williams Contributing writer

Often, ordering a cocktail or cup of joe requires sifting through endless noise – too many ingredients, variations and styles, and not enough personality. Slipstream, with locations in the popular Logan Circle and Navy Yard neighborhoods, is introducing a more curated approach into the bloodstream of the District’s food and beverage culture. And CYTIES couldn’t be more stoked about its shake-up of the industry. Through a focus on elevated customer service, comfortable digs, individuality, and bonafide quality, Slipstream is bucking the status quo to deliver the goods on urban basics: cocktails, coffee, and provisions.

The white brick walls have a crisp new sneaker freshness, while industrial ceilings and splashy back wall art rattle its pristine appearance.

It’s the brick-and-mortar brainchild of married couple Ryan Fleming and Miranda Mirabella, who transported their concept and mutual love of brew and mixology from the West Coast. With the lack of options in the city for all-day eating, coffee-sipping, and imbibing, Slipstream is leaning into their niche.

From the weathered wood trays to the gray accents, the moment you walk into the original Logan Circle location, you know this former brake repair shop turned restaurant, coffeehouse and bar is different. The white brick walls have a crisp new sneaker freshness, while industrial ceilings and splashy back wall art rattle its pristine appearance. A blend of high-top, counter, cushioned and two-person seating gives the space versatility. They even managed to anchor a long wooden table and metallic stools out-front. Rather you’re passing through, holding court during a business huddle or grazing the latest releases on the CYTIES Gear Grid, you can just do you.

At Slipstream — a designation invoking a sense of reduced resistance — the terms “pour-over” and “on the rocks” are commonplace morning, noon and night. Here, satisfaction is driven by conversational creations with baristas and bartenders, as well as a love of classics; Getting your caffeine kick or fulfilling your craft cocktail craving are about discovery. Their full embrace of complexity with character definitely vibes with our mantra. The bootstrapped revolution is for adventurers who continuously take the road less traveled. We’re all in on taking the routine out of routine choices. 

The eats are pretty damn delicious too. They had us at the braised pork/beet hand pies and habanero pepper jam. Just sayin’.


Did we mention the braised pork and beet meat pies?

The cocktail program celebrates improvisation, bring your imagination 

The place is open pretty much all day, if you need a homebase for your remote work grind 

Tea is sourced from Song Tea in San Francisco, get your oolong on