Great Lakes Coffee

I noticed him right away. He was tall and well-dressed with a five o’clock shadow that made him look a bit older than he was. He wasn’t a regular customer, clear by how his eyes rested […]

Mutiny Bar

There is something about staggering into a dive bar in the dead of winter that truly warms the soul. For many people in the Southwest part of Detroit, that was VL Bar. VL was an antiquated […]

barDive BarTikiDetroit
Bad Luck Bar

One of the finest questions you can ask a man of wealth and fortune is not what he did right to earn his treasure but what his best mistake was. Sometimes, it’s our failures, our perceived […]

Detroit Denim Co.

During The Raconteurs’ legendary surprise performance at Madison Square Garden, when they took the stage to join Mr. White, were they wearing shorts? No. What about Detroit’s own John Varvatos— ever seen him strolling down Woodward […]

Men's ShopstyleDetroit
The Siren Hotel

The siren was a mythological creature of Ancient Greece, who lured sailors to their deaths with an enchanting song. The only man to have heard their song and survive was Odysseus, and he only did so […]

The Keep

As men, we are obsessed with underground knowledge, the notion of having or knowing about something that the masses don’t. When we were kids, there was no better feeling than putting on a CD in your […]

Filson Detroit

The right leather bag is the perfect finishing touch for any man aiming to look sleek and stylish. It commands a sense of respect, authority, and virility. Next time you find yourself in Midtown Detroit, you […]

Men's ShopstyleDetroit
The Whisky Parlor

Whiskey or as the scots spell it, Whisky is the amber nectar of the gods. Around the world and throughout the ages, many different variations of this magical elixir have been masterfully curated and enjoyed thoroughly […]

barCocktail BarDetroit
Detroit Foundation Hotel

Back in the day, Detroit smelled of grease, oil, and sweat, and sounded like the cranking of machines, the welding of metal, and the grunts of labor. Today, the Motor City may not be as industrially-focused […]

Detroit Mercantile Co.

In many ways, the Midwest is truly the best. The kind, hearty people of America’s heartland know a thing or two about good food, good company, good manners, and, of course, good style and decor. The […]

Men's ShopstyleDetroit
The Sugar House

If you’re an avid James Bond enthusiast, one who has flipped through the pages of Ian Fleming’s novel Goldfinger, you might recall coming across a reference to The Purple Gang mentioned briefly within the story. This […]

ASHE Supply Co.

Ashe Supply Co. began just like every other coffee shop starts. We’ve all heard the tale, right? Two homies from the same neighborhood, one grew up to be a pharmacist and the other an artist. Okay… […]

Astro Coffee

There’s more to a man than what meets the eye. His clothes, job, and home may say one thing to the world, but who is on the inside – that could be another person entirely. We […]

Trumbull and Porter

Someone must be the first to succeed, and life is waiting for YOU to snatch up that helm and make a name for yourself. That’s what Trumbull and Porter did. As Detroit’s first artisan boutique hotel, […]

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