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For the outdoor enthusiast in all of us, head to Filson for great gear, leather, and all your other outfitting needs. Their custom made apparel is the perfect fit for any man with a little wanderlust.


BY: Sam Faktorow Contributing writer

The right leather bag is the perfect finishing touch for any man aiming to look sleek and stylish. It commands a sense of respect, authority, and virility. Next time you find yourself in Midtown Detroit, you need to pay a visit to Filson, the leading outfitter and manufacturer of leather and sporting goods for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

Built on a reputation for sturdiness, Filson offers goods that are the perfect gift for any man who wakes up looking for the most exciting reason to get out of the house and see what the rest of the world has to offer.

Located on Canfield Street between 2nd Avenue and Cass Avenue in the middle of Midtown, Filson’s brick exterior invites you to step inside and see what being an outdoorsman is all about. The rugged, modern interior is packed wall to wall with custom bags and satchels designed with the best leather available.

Maybe you’re looking for the right gear for a fishing trip in the Upper Peninsula? Filson Detroit has you covered from head to toe. You don’t have to look far here to find exactly what you need to prepare for your journey. With a dedication to customer service since they first opened their doors in in 1897, Filson employees are your friends first and your outfitters second.

Handsome bags line the walls above racks of fashionable yet durable clothes. You’re going to look and feel great the next time you set out to learn more about yourself and the world. Filson is committed to setting you up for the fun and successful trip of a lifetime. Their website puts it best: “Your satisfaction is the sole purpose of our transaction.”



Detroit, we all know how cold you get. Filson’s layers and waxed jackets will have you set to take on the elements for those harsh winters with a rugged style

If you’re a daily commuter within the Motor City, it would be a sin to not invest in any type of bag made here

The CYTIES team is a cult fan of Filson watches, made with the helping hands of Shinola and built to test time itself

Chop it up with the expert staff, it’s like having your own personal Bear Grylls for any gear advice