Shinola Hotel


Shinola Hotel is a brand-new property with a mid-century modern design paired with restaurants and bars that highlight the rebirth occurring in Detroit today. The brands timeless ethos and obsession with quality can be found in every detail. 


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

Sometimes greatness is all about place, which is why we have sayings like “being in the right place at the right time.” Ingenuity, development, and new ideas are stacking up in the most underrated destinations, and you should be there to experience it.

Detroit is undergoing a rebirth and all the grit and grime that has built upon a city that was once the heart of America’s industrial world is being recycled and used as the building blocks for exciting places of gathering that have the potential to foster greatness.

A classic cocktail in the Living Room or Evening Bar can start your night, while a craft beer with ping-pong, foosball, or shuffleboard can end it at The Brakeman.

Shinola Hotel is a pure example of that. This brand-new hotel is comprised of five buildings, two of which were the old Singer Sewing Machine Company and T.B. Rayl & Co., an iconic sporting goods and hardware store. By marrying the historic buildings with three modern ones designed to replicate the glory of Detroit’s past, Shinola Hotel is positioning itself to be a place of greatness where guests and locals will mingle as Detroit continues through a renaissance.

CYTIES travelers will find a stylish and posh mid-century modern design at Shinola Hotel, plus numerous amenities that will cater to a weary journeyman. The rooms are spacious with a more residential vibe to make it feel like you’re at home and not in a hotel, that is if you’re home has luxurious Italian Cotton sheets, Rayl’s luxury toiletries, floor-to-ceiling views of Detroit, a Bluetooth speaker system, and HDTV with premium channels.

With six food and beverage concepts, there’s plenty of places to mingle with others and sustain yourself as you dive into the Motor City scene. Dine on Southern Italian dishes in San Morello, or chow down on fried chicken at Penny Red’s. A classic cocktail in the Living Room or Evening Bar can start your night, while a craft beer with ping-pong, foosball, or shuffleboard can end it at The Brakeman.

And when you’re ready to explore all that Detroit has to offer, just walk into the hotel’s alley, Parker’s Alley, a place where shops, restaurants, and bars will line the brick-lined walls to show the unbreakable soul that is ‘New Detroit.’

We can’t guarantee you’ll find the greatness inside of you at Shinola Hotel, but we can assure that from this hotel you’ll bear witness to Detroit’s past and future glory all in one place.


Shinola Hotel is defined by timeless sense of style and approachable service. Their obsession with the details can be seen in every single element of the property

There are 129 guest rooms, multiple bars for a drink, an event space, retail store, and an activated alley. Head up to the mezzanine to shoot some pool

The rooms are based on an earth tone color scheme, paired with mid-century modern furniture and loft style windows — calmness wafts through the hallways

Like anything Shinola touches, the vibe of every space contains subtle variations. Each room offers different character and experience. Ask for The Attic, The Alcove, or splurge for the Penthouse, a few of our favorites