The Gift Shop

As you approach a seemly closed barbershop on Toronto’s Ossington strip you notice a vintage desk lamp that illuminates a small corner of the empty shop. Though many would assume that the lamp mistakenly remained lit […]

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The Drake Hotel

Cyties men are movers and shakers. We reinvent our style and have our hands in the music and arts scene. We know what makes a good cocktail and a strong coffee, love to host in a […]

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Reigning Champ

It came in like a wrecking ball and plowed past any defense like a flash flood through a weakened dam. The punch thundered into the chin and set off an explosion of sweat fireworks. When the […]

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Mahjong Bar

Pink hazy neon splashes on the sidewalk outside this unassuming bodega, the small space alive with an electric eeriness. If you made it this far, you’re very aware of what you’ve come searching for. Past the […]

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18 Waits

Everyone has their ‘go-to’ wardrobe pieces. Whether it’s a graphic tee, plaid button-up or a perfectly distressed jacket, every guy has a select few items in their wardrobe that are the equivalent to a greatest hits […]

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Town Moto

A row of new and vintage motorcycles lining the sidewalk means you’re close. You step inside your destination, notice the bike on the shop floor, and you’re immediately transported to an open road that twists and […]

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Uncle Otis

Started in 1991 by Roger O’Donnell, keyboardist for British band The Cure, Uncle Otis is the godfather of menswear in Toronto. The shop can trace its roots back to popular UK and US streetwear brands but […]

Men's ShopstyleToronto Toronto Style
Tucana Coffee

They say good things come in small packages, and Tucana Coffee has us convinced that’s true. We can’t say for sure if this is Toronto’s smallest coffee shop, but it’s quite tiny. Despite its size, Tucana […]

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Locals Only

Are bathroom selfies overrated and played out? Of course. Are quotable neon signs a dime-a-dozen? Most definitely. Are fabricated dive bars on every corner? Hell yes. So, you’ve got to ask yourself: why does Toronto’s Locals […]

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Toronto’s COPS Coffee and Doughnuts is in itself a contradiction: generally speaking, a brightly painted Blush Pink space is a beacon for hipsterdom and elaborate latte art, but inside COPS, the minimalist bunker-like café, you’ll only […]

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Major Treat

The DC-based hardcore punk band, Minor Threat were known for their razor sharp and blazing fast style. Their albums were filler-free bursts of energy that destroyed the stereo systems before anyone could even ‘turn it up […]

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The Broadview Hotel

It’s a competitive world, which is why we probably gravitate to people and things that are unique and different, those that stand out from the crowd. The Broadview Hotel in the historic East End of Toronto […]

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The Anndore House

Toronto is commonly referred to as the 6ix and that’s because in 1998, what was once 6 different cities became one – Toronto. When everything comes together like it did with Toronto, it’s just better. And […]

stayToronto Toronto Stay
Tokyo Smoke

Searching along Queen Street West for a safe spot to mainline some caffeine into your system, you stumble inside Tokyo Smoke – a cannabis lifestyle shop that pours some of Toronto’s finest coffee, lattes, and espresso, […]

coffeeToronto Toronto Coffee
Pretty Ugly

Before you visit a bar in a new city, how often to do you check it out online first? The answer is likely more often than not (how about right now, for example?). Truly ‘discovering’ a […]

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Blood Brothers Brewing

What does it take to turn passion into a creative profession? Blood? Sweat? Tears? Or maybe… just the bond of brothers. The handshakes created when playing in the front yard, the wrestling matches, and arguments, but […]

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