Town Moto

Mon - Fri: 12pm - 7pm
  • Mon - Fri: 12pm - 7pm
  • Sat - Sun: 12pm - 5pm

Your friendly neighborhood gear shop. Toronto's Town Moto is an outpost for the biking community and the West End's preferred purveyor of two-wheeled necessities.


BY: Pete Whish Contributing writer

A row of new and vintage motorcycles lining the sidewalk means you’re close. You step inside your destination, notice the bike on the shop floor, and you’re immediately transported to an open road that twists and turns along the coast. Before you can name the Motley Crue track playing over the speakers, you’re brought back to reality with a warm greeting: ‘Welcome to Town Moto’.

Town Moto’s ‘window bike’ rotates monthly and features a mix of styles and vintages. The current selection, a 1970 Triumph Tiger T100S, that has the unique ability to stop every single person who enters the shop in their tracks.

Town Moto has brought the community together through motor oil and leather jackets.

As you walk through the shop, you admire the perfect balance of riding gear, casual streetwear, and accessories. Whether it’s Deus Ex Machina or Brixton, you’ll find all of the brands you’ve grown to love in your quest to go ‘full McQueen’. What sets Town Moto apart is their collection of in-house apparel and accessories. Using stylized vintage imagery and designs, while maintaining a unique edge, Town Moto’s apparel is timelessly cool. Their branded tees are have become a wardrobe staple for Toronto’s riding community.

If your garage or bachelor pad is looking a little sparse, Town Moto’s limited edition prints in collaboration with local designers, Doublenaut, is the easiest way to bring your bike indoors. The clean design of their prints resembles MotoGP posters of years gone by.

As you continue walking through the shop, you spot someone out back working away at a vintage beater primed for weaving through the gridlock that plagues the city. It’s at this moment you start to realize that Town Moto may be more than a shop.

Rather than being just a noisy neighbor, a sense of community is at the forefront when chatting with the team at Town Moto. The shop has partnered with The Moto Social, a monthly meet-up for riders and those curious about riding life. The Moto Social was created to bring the riding community together to share ideas and develop a motorcycle collective that is connected and makes a contribution to the local community.

This narrow shop is one of the OG’s on Toronto’s Ossington, having had their doors open for over 5 years. Town Moto has brought the community together through motor oil and leather jackets. When checking out Toronto’s West End, stop by Town Moto to shoot the shit and share tall-tales from the road – they will set you up with everything you need to pound the paved on two wheels.


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