01 Jun Bermuda Hat
02 Jun Tradewind Sandals
03 Jun Surfing Diceman
04 Jun Analogue Aqua Reloadable Underwater Camera Set
05 Jun Mikey February Photograph
06 Jun LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis™
07 Jun Black Tree of Life Suzani Surfboard
08 Jun coming soon Gerber Gear Sedulo
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08 Jun
09 Jun exclusive coming soon The Bullitt Helmet - ATWYLD Orion Gloss
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09 Jun
10 Jun coming soon Rabbit Craft Cocktail Bar Kit
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10 Jun
11 Jun coming soon Iron and Resin - Lords of Leisure Tee
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11 Jun
12 Jun coming soon LCD Soundsystem - Electric Lady Sessions
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12 Jun
13 Jun coming soon Camp Cup - Miir
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13 Jun
14 Jun coming soon Marilyn - 35x35 Photograph - Limited Edition of 20
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14 Jun
15 Jun exclusive coming soon Filson Short Cruiser
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15 Jun
16 Jun exclusive coming soon Take Gripping Gloves
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16 Jun
17 Jun coming soon Voyager Playing Cards
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17 Jun
18 Jun coming soon Custom Candle Co Black Skull
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18 Jun
19 Jun coming soon Machina Towel
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19 Jun
20 Jun coming soon Ducati X Diavel Black Black Star
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20 Jun
21 Jun coming soon imgoene + willie henry
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21 Jun
22 Jun coming soon Deus Ex Machina Valet Tray
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22 Jun
23 Jun coming soon BoomPods Aquablaster
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23 Jun
24 Jul coming soon RAINS Mountaineer Duffel
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24 Jul
25 Jun coming soon Beckett Simonon Dowler Boots
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25 Jun
26 Jun exclusive coming soon Moto Aviators
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26 Jun
27 Jun coming soon Temples of Books
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27 Jun
28 Jun coming soon HEX Ranger Blackout Camo Sling
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28 Jun
29 Jun coming soon Ridge Aluminum Wallet
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29 Jun
30 Jun coming soon Tooletries Catcher
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30 Jun


The GEAR GRID is designed to support small business brands that aim to break the mold. Our team scours the globe to find these well-designed objects, collected to enhance the lifestyle of who we believe the modern explorer is: a hard worker, a free thinker, and most certainly a world traveler. Drop in as a regular to find curated essentials in the categories of apparel, grooming, watches, bags, tech, and more, also including books and classic vinyl to set the tone on the weekends.