Blood Brothers Brewing

time Everyday: 12pm - 9pm

Blood Brothers Brewing is a family owned brewery in Toronto. The taproom and bottle shop are inside an intimate white brick walled garage. The brewery is a favorite amongst locals and offers inventive, creative beers all made possible by the sweat, tears and of course blood of brothers. 


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

What does it take to turn passion into a creative profession? Blood? Sweat? Tears? Or maybe… just the bond of brothers. The handshakes created when playing in the front yard, the wrestling matches, and arguments, but the undying admiration. As boys, you shredded air guitars, raced to the end of the block, and sometimes fought until blood broke, made up over a chocolate ice cream cone, shared that secret handshake and then did all over again. There is nothing quite like the relationship you have with the boy who once stood a foot under you and watched your every move, or the role model you looked up to, surveying his style or the way he combed his hair.

Blood Brothers Brewing is a family owned flagship, ran by two brothers who passionately create craft beer that they believe their family and friends would enjoy. The process is inventive and unique from sourcing ingredients to their methodical brewing method. Striving to push back from uniformity and to take an approach that will yield an innovative spirit from each beer’s mental creation to their family of customers last sip.

If you’re feeling dangerous, they’ve also got a Devil’s Trill II, demanding demonizing vibrations from the hoppy gods down under.

The brewery is stocked with a tap room and bottle shop, thus allowing their dedicated following to not only join them in indulging in some of the best brews in The Six but to also take some home to sit as temporary — very temporarily — refrigerator shelf decorations.  Among some of the favorites are Shumei – which is a hybrid of west coast and north-eastern style IPAs, Ajji Majji – a creamy, desert style nitro sour brewed with Ontario peaches and vanilla, and Devil’s Trill – a hazy IPA brewed with bold tropical flavors. With 11 beers currently on deck, they are all available on tap and in-shop. If you’re feeling dangerous, they’ve also got a Devil’s Trill II, demanding demonizing vibrations from the hoppy gods down under. Drink at your own risk and enjoy every drop of this flavorful Indian Pale Ale.

The tap room is a white-bricked garage with their logo tattooed on the vertical white sliding door. The symbol is an outline of a hand with a single drop of blood in the middle, representing the pledge of kinship, a vow of undisputed bliss at the bottom of every can, cup or bottle — the oath of blood brothers. Inside this beer garage, shoes scuff the concrete floor on the walk to the bar’s alter. A mantle of taps provides the backdrop of the bar, showcasing a throne of their prideful conviction. Outside, a few benches line the front wall providing a cool place to kick it and watch the seasons change in the renovated neighborhood of Davenport.

The oath of brothers is written in the core of our being, shared by the pledge of blood, implicit without words, unrehearsed, and eternally acknowledged. So, what does it take to turn passion into a creative profession? Well, for Toronto’s brewing brothers, blood was all they really needed.


During Toronto’s peak months, grab a seat on one of the benches outside, and bask in the gorgeous weather

After slamming a few of their tasty beers, grab a few to-go from their bottle shop

We highly recommend Devil’s Trill. This Hazy IPA will unleash your inner spirit

Blood Brothers Brewing is a family owned shop. You can feel the vibe with one step inside

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