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Well crafted and thoughtfully curated. Allow the owners of Park & Province to guide you on your quest to refine and re-up your wardrobe.


BY: Pete Whish Contributing writer

Enter into Trinity Bellwoods Park, the epicenter or Toronto’s West End, as you stroll southbound beyond the slacklining hippies, LARP enthusiasts, and ultimate frisbee tossers (sorry, it’s not a real sport), you arrive at the park gates. The coffee and tacos shops across the street look appealing, but you are in search of something more significant, something that may change you. Enter, Park & Province.

‘Elevated Essentials’ is an oft-overused term in our current minimalistic-friendly era of menswear, but the ‘essentials’ found at Park & Province go far beyond the norm. The shop’s forward-thinking owners have intricately curated an international roster of labels that have one thing in common: they’re an upgrade from your current ‘essentials.

The pieces are for those who take time in their fashion choices – it is clothing for the connoisseur.

Inside you will recognize some familiar labels, but the lesser-known selections, such as La Paz and Welcome Stranger ought to be the foundation of your new wardrobe. For those who are not familiar with these brands, they each have the unique ability to look both timeless and contemporary. When wearing the perfectly faded hues of the single pocket tees that Park and Province carry from Welcome Stranger, onlookers will assume that you’ve raided your bohemian uncle’s VW Camper Van of his most prized vintage sun-drenched t-shirt.

As you enter, you’re welcomed as if you’ve been stopping by since the opening of the brick and mortar shop in 2016. The friendly team that man the front desk is eager to show you latest arrival just in from Tokyo or Lisbon or some even-cooler city that you pretend to know.

The understated elegance of the brands found at Park & Province are for those who aren’t biting on trends. The pieces are for those who take time in their fashion choices – it is clothing for the connoisseur. Someone who isn’t fishing for compliments, but preferably one who receives respect from their menswear peers through a subtle nod of approval when passing on the street.

You will get used to answering the question: ‘where’s that from?’. Those who frequent Toronto’s Park & Province have discovered this and soon enough you will too.


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