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In this Toronto boutique, you can find your inner bohemian badass. In the end, 18 Waits' well-made handcrafted apparel and accessories that may even outlast you.


BY: Pete Whish Contributing writer

Everyone has their ‘go-to’ wardrobe pieces. Whether it’s a graphic tee, plaid button-up or a perfectly distressed jacket, every guy has a select few items in their wardrobe that are the equivalent to a greatest hits album. If you’re hoping to write the next ‘hit’ to your wardrobe, Toronto’s 18 Waits’ is the menswear equivalent to Lennon & McCartney.

The clothes at 18 Waits are Toronto-made with hand-picked fabrics sourced from Japan, Portugal, the US and nearby in Canada. The unique patterns and textiles throughout their collections have a timeless vibe and avoid fast-fashion trends. The 18 Waits style is best described as ‘elegantly disheveled’ and takes reference points from several different decades and style icons. In short, these clothes are built to last and will be the new cornerstones of any wardrobe.

If ‘the clothes make the man’, and 18 Waits make those clothes, you’re ready to hit the concrete.

When walking into 18 Waits, you instantly notice that every article of clothing, a piece of jewelry, and accessory are all placed with care. The scent that fills the shop is difficult to pinpoint but is also instantly familiar – it is a combination of a cedar, bourbon and your childhood baseball glove. The shop is an experience. This intricate and detail-oriented approach is what defines the 18 Waits lifestyle. Founder and Creative Director, Daniel Torjman explains:

“it’s not about buying a shirt, it’s about a way of life, a joie de vivre, an appreciation for quality crafted goods, all the while not taking life too seriously….what you see, how it feels, what you smell, the music you’re listening to when you come in – it’s all important and rounds out the 18 Waits brand.”

‘Lifestyle brand’ is quickly becoming the most overused phrase in men’s fashion. There are too many brands, both big and small, that claim to live by a simple set of rules that define their ethos. Yet, there are too many instances where a brand’s lifestyle doesn’t go much deeper than a stock-image Instagram profile – this is where 18 Waits sets themselves apart. Their dedication to creating timeless fashion that takes inspiration from their surroundings rather than riding the latest trend in menswear. After your first purchase, you’ll discover that every piece should come with a stack of 18 Waits business cards, as you’ll soon have people asking where you got your latest threads.

If ‘the clothes make the man’, and 18 Waits make those clothes, you’re ready to hit the concrete.


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