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Reigning Champ has rattled the turnbuckles of athletic wear across the world. The design and manufacturing of any piece is guided by two simple principles: Respect the details, master simplicity


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

It came in like a wrecking ball and plowed past any defense like a flash flood through a weakened dam. The punch thundered into the chin and set off an explosion of sweat fireworks. When the right punch connects in a ring, time drops into slow motion. Mental clarity turns to delayed frames per second. As the gloved fist exited the impact, the jaw struck wobbled back and forth in a gesticulation much like a pendulum on a grandfather clock. It is a KO, this match is finished. The one laid out for the count is your old postulation of style. And the one raising their arms to pulsating flash photography is Reigning Champ, whose undefeated title has rattled the turnbuckles of athletic wear across the world.

Reigning Champ is there for the times we hit a winning shot without a sold-out stadium to witness.

Reigning Champ designs and manufactures active apparel guided by an oath: Respect the details, master simplicity. The brand has changed the game for what it means to be an active man and look sharp. The simple but crucial basics are the MVP’s of Champ, built to serve on the court or steal the show at the press conference. In Toronto, you will find two flagships. Inside each store is a living testament to the mind of the brand. A minimalist whiteout illuminates wood and metal accents, evoking a futuristic and timeless feeling. The line up of key items are arranged to reflect the brand’s aforementioned pledge. Each piece offers relentless construction to look sharp and can be activated at any moment for high performance. Because champions don’t hoist trophies by sitting on their ass, they are up before the sun rises, running through the slumbered streets of their city blocks with glory soaking the mind.

The basics are the MVPs. Crew Neck and Pullover Hoodies — available in simple Ivy-League inspired colors — are constructed with Midweight Terry, with low abrasion flatlocked seams and durable 100% cotton rib —simply a masterpiece of indispensable style. Other outerwear from Reigning Champ includes track jackets, long sleeve raglans, and stadium jackets that achieve the brilliance of the brand’s ethos. Look towards The Slim Sweat Pants for max cruising comfort. Champ’s accessories are a top-shelf slap shot, including Field Gloves to surmount cold weather, gym towels for a sweat fix, and Six Paneled Caps for an accomplished post-workout look.

With the exclusive Muhammad Ali project offering items dedicated Cassius Clay, we can’t help but be reminded of one of the most iconic sports photos of all time, the famous stance of Ali over the fallen Sonny Liston. It’s a snapshot that captures the roar of a champion. It’s an image that can help motivate anyone when faced with the hurdles of adversity. In life, we may not hoist a cup, drain a game-winning three or run into the end-zone to seal a Super Bowl victory. That doesn’t mean we can’t be a champion, that we can be the “The Greatest” in our own universe. Learning, growing and becoming a strong, open-minded man isn’t the easiest task, it takes training of the mind and body. Reigning Champ is there for the times we hit a winning shot without a sold-out stadium to witness. The brand is built for the quest to set out and ‘conquer the day.’ Whatever that looks like is up to the champion within us all.


The company was founded in 2007 by Craig Atkinson, who also founded wings+horns

There are two locations in town: Chinatown & West Queen West

Caps, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, shorts, and heavyweight fleece are all made with merino wool and proudly crafted in Canada

Our CYTIES Pick-up has to be the Insulated Bomber, check out the entire Sea to Sky collection here. Scope out the Reigning Champ x Muhammad Ali line to step it up a notch