The Anndore House


The Anndore House is a stylish hotel that brings together all the perfect elements of a hotel – great design, Mediterranean restaurant, trendy bar, and barbershop – into one great stay in Toronto.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

Toronto is commonly referred to as the 6ix and that’s because in 1998, what was once 6 different cities became one – Toronto. When everything comes together like it did with Toronto, it’s just better. And all too often, everything just doesn’t come together in life – or even in simple things like a great hotel stay. Some hotels lack the dining element or the comfort aspect or the trendy design that the modern traveler looks for, but that’s not the case with The Anndore House. It’s a boutique hotel that brings everything together and serves it on a beautiful platter for the Toronto visitor.

As far as the rooms go, comfort and style came together to create any traveler’s ideal retreat.

Check off history and style on your hotel stay checklist because The Anndore House covers it all. In the 1950s, this property was a 10-story hotel and apartment building that had an eclectic set of residents and guests. Today, that eccentricity has bled over into the cool and stylish design of the property. At first glance, there’s something a bit cold to the warehouse aesthetic and maybe that’s because of the mostly black interior. However, there’s something edgy about black brick and wood paneled walls and it pairs really well with bronze and gold details and white artistry pieces.

As far as the rooms go, comfort and style came together to create any traveler’s ideal retreat. The cozy leather chairs are perfect places to relax and catch a Raptors game on the flat-screen TV, if you’re not already sprawled out on the bed. In addition to Wi-Fi, there’s also an iPod compatible vinyl record player and a LP library, of course. The rainforest shower is outfitted with luxurious CO Bigelow bath products. City views just round out these comfortable rooms and make waking up in Toronto a notable part of any visit.

The folks at The Anndore House made sure to bring a great dining scene to guests. There’s a happening vibe at the Constantine Restaurant and Lounge which offers Mediterranean food from various regions. It’s a great stop after a cocktail at the lobby bar. In the mornings, guests make their way to Scarlet Door, a chill café with a punkish décor that references the 1970s and 1980s.

And when male travelers aren’t having their stomachs or taste buds taken care of at these dining establishments, they’re getting an edge up or a fresh cut at the Crows Nest Barbershop – because you know you must put your best face forward in the 6ix. Too few hotels offer barber services, just adding to the value of the stay.

While all of this sounds great, there’s just extra things here and there that bring a stay together like the room numbers displayed on the floor tiles or the Sugarfina snacks that are great for those late-night munchies. And the old school vibe you get from the record players, the in-room postcards, vintage pieces throughout the property, and the timeless experience of getting your hair cut just steps from your room.

A perfect hotel stay comes together at The Anndore Hotel and it comes together right.


The rooms have a dark, modern vibe. Which is perfect if you’re like us and your comfortable aesthetic is a classic, black, white and grey

When morning strikes, look no further than their cafe, The Scarlet Door

Head to Crows Nest Barbershop to get edged up for a night out in the Six

Rainforest shower: Say.no.more.