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Detroit Denim Co. is a high-end, denim shop featuring handmade, custom jeans, shirts and accessories. The brick-and-mortar is in a stylish, industrial space, offering retail and a look behind the scenes, where the hard working crew assembles and repairs the denim.


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

During The Raconteurs’ legendary surprise performance at Madison Square Garden, when they took the stage to join Mr. White, were they wearing shorts? No. What about Detroit’s own John Varvatos— ever seen him strolling down Woodward Ave. rocking cut offs? Didn’t think so. How about Ken Westerfield? Okay, fine, maybe a time or two, but even that Frisbee-playing legend was mostly spotted in pants. The point is, if you want to look like the stylish icons you’ve always looked up to, it’s time to start dressing like them, and it starts with denim.

Detroit is tough, it’s not for the light-hearted or faint, and this denim emporium is where you go to dress the part of a Motor City renegade.

Detroit Denim Co. is THE spot in the Motor City to get jeans for any personal style. The shop fully comprehends that while trends change, the hardware itself is here to stay. They offer five different fits, customizing to unique looks. Our CYTIES favorites are The Archer, which is designed to fit slim — think Mondo Cozmo — and let a bandana hang from the back pocket; The Classic, designed to fit loose, usually rolled up to showcase a pair of converse or flyers; and The Hockey, created for an athletic muscular fit. A true dime of the Detroit Red Wings, or the cities muscle — which keeps the lights on, and the motors moving.

Staying true to the city’s blue collar roots, the denim handled is all U.S. sourced and Detroit made, currently sourced from Cone Mills in North Carolina. The raw red-lined selvedge denim weighs in at a healthy 13.25 oz., making it ounce for ounce the best of the best in the city.

The shop also features essentials to complement their jeans. They’ve got an assortment of boots, caps, shirts, and bags. Detroit is tough, it’s not for the light-hearted or faint, and this denim emporium is where you go to dress the part of a Motor City renegade. Think of it as a costume shop where real recognizes real, where the stylish hardy gents of the city come to find their ceremonial uniforms and don them like the rebel chevaliers that they are.

The shop offers in-store and mail-in denim repair. Not just for their own products, either — a true brother to the rest. So mail in or drop off that ripped up pair of Levis or non-hemmed selvage. These denim doctors of Detroit will throw them on their operating slab and get them back to you in better shape than you purchased them in.

Shop owner Eric Yelsma first discovered his interest in sewing around 30 years ago, when he bought a sewing machine and started altering his own jeans. And while it took him some time to deliver on his dream, the shop is now as electric as a rock ‘n’ roll concert and caters to his hard-working never-quitting community of Detroit.

As men, many of us live by a code: And shorts are for exception, and exception only. Think about it. The only time you’ll ever find a photo of Paul Newman in shorts is when he’s at the beach, or in his birthday suit — exceptions. Head into Detroit Denim Co. for sturdy handmade jeans birthed for the most badass of occasions.


Bring in or mail-in your old torn up or baggy jeans. Detroit Denim Co. will fix them up, and get them back to you in better shape than you bought them in

Everything they make is U.S. sourced, and a lot done in Detroit, showcasing the hard work of the Detroit locals

Besides denim, the shop has lots of men’s essentials to really improve any style game

They’ve got several different fits. Check out their site or head in to find the right style for your personal look