The Siren Hotel


The Siren Hotel offers a chic stay in one of Detroit’s most historic buildings. Check out Candy Bar, their popular cocktail bar, and enjoy a drink at Populace Coffee Roasters when you’re not relaxing in their simple, but comfortable, rooms.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

The siren was a mythological creature of Ancient Greece, who lured sailors to their deaths with an enchanting song. The only man to have heard their song and survive was Odysseus, and he only did so by binding himself to a mast and having his men block their ears with wax. Still, as he sailed by to freedom he heard the siren’s haunting tune and it became a song that would forever course through his veins.

Today, the call of the siren has returned. Her song is just as enchanting, but the destination she brings travelers to is no longer dangerous and characterized by imminent death. She’s bringing you to a hotel in Detroit, The Siren Hotel, and she’s not stopping her song until you arrive.

The Siren Hotel’s melody has wrapped around us tightly and won’t let us go.

The Siren Hotel occupies one of Detroit’s most historically significant buildings, the Wurtlizer. This Renaissance Revival was once the world’s largest music house operating as a music store, recording studio of Motown artists, repair shop, and concert space. With a $22 million-dollar renovation, The Siren Hotel restored the building’s 1926 features like the travertine floors and plaster ceilings and filled the hallways and spaces with trendy modern and antique furniture to create a style that’s both chic and appropriate of the past glamour of the building.

Rooms here vary in style and size, offering cozy, simple spaces with a slight sexy zeal in the custom Italian linens and hand-loomed blankets. They’re equipped with flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi, gourmet snacks, and stunning bathrooms with custom terrazzo showers and vanities.

During a stay, The Siren calls travelers to other parts of the hotel. In the mornings Populace Coffee Roasters is filled with those enthralled by a song that sings of fresh roasted coffee and homemade baked goods. In the evening, she sends travelers to her Candy Bar, a cool cocktail bar with lush pink furniture. For a special dinner, guests can enjoy a private 8-seat dinner at Albena with a menu full of Great Lakes-inspired courses and a close-up view of the food genius of James Beard nominee Chef Garrett Lipar. Soon, Albena will be accompanied by Karl, an all-day restaurant that will serve American dishes on-site.

A siren is always changing up her tune to create the right pitch and sound to lure men to her, so it’s no surprise that The Siren Hotel will soon be home to a barber shop on the first floor, a rooftop bar with views of Downtown Detroit and Comerica Park, and a piano karaoke bar.

The Siren Hotel’s melody has wrapped around us tightly and won’t let us go. She’s bringing us to a stylish spot in Detroit for a stay that’s sure to bring pleasure in multiple ways. Hear her call and succumb to a visit to The Siren Hotel or forever be haunted by her song.


When morning breaks head down to the hotel’s coffee shop, Popluace Coffee. It’ll help shake the cobwebs off the previous night

But when night time rolls back around, you best be in their cocktail lounge, Candy Bar. We know.. a Vicious cycle, indeed

A few short blocks from CYTIES favorite Detroit getaway, Bad Luck Bar

They aren’t done yet. Check back for their barbershop coming soon!