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Quavaro delivers durable, handmade, high-quality, ethically-made leather goods — what more could you want from a company? Its aviation-inspired weekenders, backpacks, laptop bags, and tote bags are must-haves and the perfect sidekicks for any trip [across town or otherwise].


BY: Andrew Williams Contributing writer

The vision for Quavaro was born from married couple Pial and Cesar Vega’s frequent visits to Mexico, when they would often procure low-cost, well-made leather goods before returning home. These items became so beloved, Pial and Cesar resolved to build their own travel bag business and sell them locally in the District. Driven by a belief that luxury should be affordable and accessible, Quavaro’s durable, aviation-inspired products constructed from premium wool, leather and tweed are now gradually proliferating the nation’s capital. 

The vintage military-grade helmet bags known to accompany classic aviators are ingrained in Cesar’s childhood memories and serve as the design prototype for Quavaro’s brand. And while Cesar’s nostalgia seeded this blueprint [he also served four years in the U.S. Navy], the business’s success and evolution has been propelled forward by the well-traveled couple’s shared passion for handmade craftsmanship and wanderlust.

Every element of Quavaro’s products are built to last, the mark of true timeless artistry.

Since the company’s inception, the co-founders have established a factory in Mexico and a polished showroom/shop in the Eastern Market neighborhood — equipping them to control production and respond more seamlessly to consumers. Their corner townhouse has a white brick exterior with a main space as streamlined as a jet, wood flooring and shelving lining nearly every wall. It’s simplistic, but effective, letting their ethically-made workmanship do most of the talking. 

Deeply committed to crafting quality products, Quavaro sources full-grain leather from a 60-year old family-owned tannery, and opts not to emboss — the art of producing raised patterns on animal skin — their hides. The payoff, a collection of stylish weekenders, backpacks, laptop bags and tote bags to equip you for every adventure. Whether you’re jetting to Portland for craft breweries, legendary American Northwest coffee and hipster happenings or braving your daily commute, you can hit the concrete with confidence.

Every element of Quavaro’s products are built to last, the mark of true timeless artistry. And with aircraft-inspired names like Falcon, Pelican, Tomcat, Piper, and Goose, they’re designed for utility and honoring their military roots. Speaking of aviators, grab yourself a pair, snatch up a Quavaro bag and embrace your yearning to explore. CYTIES believes that traveling short and long distances in-style means tending to the details. This is a good start. As Jack Kerouac proclaimed, “the road must eventually lead to the rest of the world.” Why not wind down that path with some high-flying swagger.


Many products are unisex, if you’re trying to score points with your better half

If you can’t make it into the store, they can also be found at any Made In DC store around the city 

Grab The Falcon in any color (though we’re partial to caramel and midnight blue)

Saturday’s and Sunday’s are great days to drop in, and check out the other happenings in the neighborhood after visiting Quavaro