Washington, D.C.



The St. Gregory Hotel is suave, sophisticated, and sleek. The design is nimble and debonair, with surprising features and warm tones that bleed into its sleeper quarters. A white marble bar top, complemented by striking green and gold accents and leather stools also make the St. Greg Kitchen and Bar one of the most handsome hotel bars in the District. 


BY: Andrew Williams Contributing writer

At the intersection of DuPont Circle, the West End and Farragut is one of the District’s most dapper hotels. The St. Gregory Hotel, by its own definition, is a contemporary lifestyle space. Accurate — but also an understatement. It’s an eye-catching structure in a neighborhood in transition — where the city’s burgeoning culinary and cocktail bar scene is beginning to find its footing. The space combines classic style, outstanding craftsmanship, and nimble interior design, along with hidden surprises at every turn. 

The handsome black exterior and matching windowpane treatments draw you in, as do the bright bar lights that break sharply through its bar’s wooden shades. To the right of the main entryway, a three-tiered lobby and fireplace anchor the heart of the ground level. Warm accents of dark and light wood, black and gold, auburn, green, mustard, navy blue, and charcoal add definition to its white walls and ceilings. A library and series of reading nooks also elevate its sophistication and showcase the hotel’s humble creativity. The upper-most tier of the lobby, accessed by a beautiful wood and steel staircase, offers an elegant dining area for patrons, complete with gold and silver-framed artwork on the back-most wall. 

Its corners, details and old-school aura prove that a hotel can be chic, refined, muted, and striking all at once. Modern hotels often attempt to accomplish too much — this is a well-received counterpoint. To the left of the main entryway, a dramatic wooden book-shelf doubles as an entrance to The St. Greg Kitchen and Bar. The hotel seamlessly transitions the lobby experience into the bar, where the same elements of wood and steel are weaved throughout the space (as are pops of green in each booth), including on its stunning elevated bar shelf. During warmer months, seating also is available in an outdoor courtyard. A pristine rounded bar counter finished with a white marble top and complemented by gold lamps, leather-backed high chairs with intricately-designed wood bases, and rich wood floors lift up the airy, intimate, and inviting room. 

St. Gregory’s hotel rooms are forged with the same intentionality — every element is purposeful, from handsome blue velvet chairs, abstract artwork, heather grey couches, earthy tones, splashes of gold, to the consistent black and white base color scheme throughout. In higher-end rooms — if you’re in it to win it with a VIP-style stay — there’s a fully stocked bar, working fireplace, defined dining area, and private balcony.


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