Gasoline Alley Coffee

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Gasoline Alley Coffee are a trio of vibrant and bustling coffee shops with an energetic atmosphere offering premium artisanal brews. Fuel your body, like you would your bike. 


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

Andy Warhol: a man who knew a thing or two about examining the details. While pioneering the visual movement of pop art, he wandered the streets of NoHo in his infamous dark oval frames. Long before Andy’s ’60s heyday, NoHo was scattered with car mechanics, tire shops, and gas stations. Hot-off-the-press newspapers were snagged on corners, accompanied by the one fuel that united New Yorkers more than a home game at Yankee Stadium – we’re talking about coffee. From the times of taxis with hood ornaments to Andy’s art scene to the doors opening and sadly closing at CBGB, coffee has kept all the chapters of NoHo fueled to define a bustling New York atmosphere.

It’s important to note that New Yorkers drink seven times more coffee than the inhabitants of other cities.

Today, this eclectic neighborhood is just as buzzing. NoHo is filled with residential blocks, retro-inspired cocktail lounges, vintage shops, and art galleries. It takes a caffeinated soul to tackle the neighborhood where creative meets chic. To fuel up for the vibrant atmosphere, look for the flag on Lafayette bearing two portafilters (the shift nob of an espresso motor). Here, you will find Gasoline Alley Coffee, a shop that fuels the spirits of New Yorkers, a shop that tips its cap to the days of roaring engines and white walls while keeping things sleek to respect the artistic expression of past.

It’s important to note that New Yorkers drink seven times more coffee than the inhabitants of other cities. So when it comes how the coffee is prepared, it had better be pretty damn good. Gasoline Alley committed to this mindset when it opened its doors and set out on becoming the coffee tune-up that New York had been hunting for. With classic coffee concoctions dripped, steamed, and dropped, it’s a must-have for pushing the pedal on the day and shifting into a higher gear.

Its obvious sharp detail doesn’t just run through the eclectic space but all the way down to each bean. With their own roast, the crew at Gasoline is starting to make an impact of the NYC coffee scene, as they’ve opened two more locations on Grand and 23rd. Much like the hustle of Manhattan, the inside of Gasoline is packed with people ready to start their day with a sharp city mindset – with the help of true coffee combustion.

When in the NoHo location, take your preferred cup outside to admire the behemoth architecture of the 19th century and post up on Gasoline’s bright red bench. The color can’t help but remind us of a very famous painting of Andy’s. The piece was probably finished after many piping-hot cups of Joe, because sometimes, one-of-a-kind creativity needs a little kick. Gasoline Alley is your new city coffee stop, and New Yorkers can agree it’s well overdue. Because we as creative pioneers will choose a red can of tomato soup over a green mermaid any day.


NoHo is filled with shops, bars and galleries. If you’re in the neighborhood, grab a cup to-go and hit the concrete

Each shop has a unique look. They’ll hold your coffee appetite ransom for a while, as you take in the digs

Coffee Roast: Gasoline Alley Coffee

Do as Warhol would, drink lots of coffee