Happy Bones brings an exclusive take on coffee culture to New York City. The narrow, minimalist shop captures the grit and energy of Manhattan. They are crafting exceptional espresso drinks made from the beans of one of the most prolific coffee roasters in the country.


BY: CYTIES Contributing writer

New York has a pulse, a raging rhythm of artistry and ingenuity. You can’t help but feel it in your core, to your bones. In NoLita you’ll find Happy Bones, a tiny coffee shop that exists to feed and advance that NYC energy with its uncommon blend of local art, global periodicals, and espresso.

If you aren’t yet spinning at the velocity at which New York operates you’ll be on your way after walking through the door of the small storefront that used to serve as the alleyway between the two adjacent buildings. Once inside, the vibe is placid while you’re also greeted with stark-whitewashed brick walls, and a few small tables. There’s a mixture of mesh and perforated metal throughout, as well as geometric panels encasing the lights above the coffee counter and more angular boxes housing teas and other products behind the counter. The entire palette is white, gray, and black with pops of color from art pieces suspended on the wall. It’s unmistakably New York City. Now you’re getting up to speed.

Happy Bones hits the mark on aesthetics but you’re here for the espresso. And if you’re located in a neighborhood named after the country that literally invented espresso… you better be working with the best. Happy Bones uses Counter Culture beans, a roaster that is continually recognized as one of the most important and highest quality coffee providers in the United States. What’s in your cup just might be the best thing you taste all day.

Grab a flat white, take in the art adorning the brick,  or sit out front and let your imagination flow and your body start to buzz into the Manhattan electricity. Happy Bones is a welcome assault on the senses and a place sure to keep you within the cadence of New York City.

*The menu consists of filtered coffees, espressos, piccolos, cappuccinos, lattes, flat whites, teas, and iced coffees. If you’re hungry they offer a few artisanal baked goods. Several varieties of Counter Culture beans are available to go by the bag.


CYTIES coffee recommendation: Flat white with oat milk

Coffee roast: Check with your barista on which Counter Culture beans are being featured that day.

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