Everyman Espresso

With three locations, Everyman Espresso creates an experience of high-quality brews and a playful design. Whether you’re trying their coffee cocktails or just getting a shot of espresso, you shouldn’t [...]

coffeeBrooklyn Manhattan
Voyager Espresso

Voyager Espresso is a sleek, futuristic coffee shop serving caffeinated beverages and toast. Open only on the weekdays, Voyager is a luxury to be enjoyed by the workweek hustlers. 

coffeeManhattan Manhattan Coffee
Gasoline Alley Coffee

Gasoline Alley Coffee are a trio of vibrant and bustling coffee shops with an energetic atmosphere offering premium artisanal brews. Fuel your body, like you would your bike. 

coffeeManhattan Manhattan Coffee
La Colombe

La Colombe has several locations scattered around the Big Apple. They are trendy cafes in  sleek spaces, serving house-brand artisanal coffee, pastries and snacks. It's for good reason that this [...]

coffeeManhattan Manhattan Coffee
Hungry Ghost Coffee Bar

Hungry Ghost Coffee Bar is on a Brooklyn takeover. This caffeine emporium has taken NYC by storm, serving up Portland's Stumptown coffee, and the best espressos in New York. Stop [...]

coffeeBrooklyn Manhattan
Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle Coffee are trendy cafes popping up all over New York City. This caffiene gugernaut offers upscale coffee drinks and pastries in minimalist designed shops. Having mastered the art [...]

coffeeBrooklyn Manhattan
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