La Colombe

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La Colombe has several locations scattered around the Big Apple. They are trendy cafes in  sleek spaces, serving house-brand artisanal coffee, pastries and snacks. It's for good reason that this third wave coffee shop from Philly has become a well-known commodity in NYC's vast caffeinated lineup. 


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

Twenty two years ago, La Colombe sent out a dove, a messenger of peace from the city of brotherly love. Too often, coffee is thought of as a raven, a corvus, a black bird sent by Kaldi from a coffee land haven. But La Colombe’s logo is a sign of tranquility and peace. The message from above the New York City streets that this dove carries with him: a coffee bean leaf.

Alright, let’s put the prose aside and get down to brass tacks. This Philly roasting machine is flying all across the US, dropping down third-wave coffee shops like they’re on a mission from God. We all rooted for the little guy to succeed, and now, Philadelphia has given us the coffee equivalent of Rocky III. With eight locations in Manhattan, it’s safe to say that Rocky’s wife has grown tired of hearing him say, “Yo, Adrian, I did it!” – they have now solidified themselves as a major player in the coffee heavyweight division.

we promise the end result will even surpass the golden moment when Rocky makes Tommy Gunn “hit the concrete” (no pun intended.)

All eight locations in the Empire State have a different vibe and a unique look. The Tribeca store feels industrial, with red brick and an edgy mood in the air. While the NoHo shop has a softer finish, it flexes its coffee muscles with a bold wooden coffee bar. The Terminal warehouse location has more wood than a cabin out in Nantucket and looks handsome enough to be the film set for the next Old Spice commercial. Roll the dice and hit the VIEW MAP button on the Manhattan CYTIES page, and you’ll be at one of their shops quicker than if you’d hit the fast-forward button in Rocky V! Harsh, we know, but we promise the end result will even surpass the golden moment when Rocky makes Tommy Gunn “hit the concrete” (no pun intended.)

With third-wave coffee now making its rounds around the US, you can’t forget about the shops that are selling out the home of Madison Square Garden. La Colombe’s premise from their days of a single roastery in Philly has been that “America deserves better coffee” – and they’ve been as consistent at that as the Italian Stallion’s left jab. Aright, enough Rocky analogies; after all, he’s not the only icon out of Philadelphia… When it comes to finding some of the best coffee shops in New York City, look no further than La Colombe, the Fresh Prince of Manhattan.


When the sun is beating down and you’re on the run, grab one of their iced can coffee or lattes

They’ve got locations scattered all over the city, keeping you buzzed wherever you are in the Big Apple

Our favorite location is The Terminal Warehouse. Check it out if you’re in the hood!

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