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With three locations, Everyman Espresso creates an experience of high-quality brews and a playful design. Whether you’re trying their coffee cocktails or just getting a shot of espresso, you shouldn’t miss this iconic coffee shop in New York City.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

We are surrounded by icons. Some are found in cities like what the Empire State Building is to NYC. Some are people, like what Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles are to rock. Some icons are symbols like what the apple is to Apple products. Some are quotes, like the Twin Peaks reference, “Damn Fine Coffee.” And some are coffee shops – like Everyman Espresso, the go-to coffee stop for those who love “Damn Fine Coffee.”

You want something warm? They may offer you a house chai latte with Angostura bitters and Hong Kong-style milk tea made with Hojicha, steamed milk, and honey.

With three locations in New York City, Everyman Espresso has become ingrained in the espresso scene of the Big Apple in multiple ways. Sometimes it’s through a design element like the tiled backsplash and Corian, a compacted stone dust, found throughout their shops. But it’s their coffee that outshines it all.

Wonderfully balanced and smooth, their espresso has been a favorite for over 10 years. Arrive at an Everyman Espresso location, and you’re not going to find a posted menu (though it’s available upon request). That’s because the folks behind the brand want to encourage conversations between baristas and customers. You want something warm? They may offer you a house chai latte with Angostura bitters and Hong Kong-style milk tea made with Hojicha, steamed milk, and honey. Or they may suggest an Espresso Old Fashioned, a cocktail coffee made with top-notch seasonal ingredients. Whatever you order, you can be sure it’s made with unrivaled brew methods and delicious Counter Culture Coffee.

Their shops aren’t that large, making it the kind of place to grab a coffee or espresso and stay on the move in the fast-paced New York City. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t take your time. Speak with the baristas, get to know their names, become a regular. Everyman Espresso intentionally tries to build a community in each of their shops, because coffee has been and will always be a drink that brings people together.

Everyman Espresso has reached iconic status, and they do that by providing a high-end experience for every coffee drinker. And while they’re at it, they may riff off on the iconic slogan, “I <3 NY,” with their barista’s knuckle tattoo that replaces the heart with an espresso cup. Because New York is great, especially with a kick of espresso.


There is a reason that some of their coffee clients include: Facebook & The Wall Street Journal – it’s just that good

They’ve got three locations scattered around NYC, head into the closest one to you for a damn fine espresso

The shops are small, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay a while — coffee is all about community

Coffee roast: Counter Culture Coffee

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