Voyager Espresso

Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5pm
  • Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5pm
  • Sat - Sun: Closed

Voyager Espresso is a sleek, futuristic coffee shop serving caffeinated beverages and toast. Open only on the weekdays, Voyager is a luxury to be enjoyed by the workweek hustlers. 


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

There’s something about Voyager Espresso that’ll have you singing, “Ground Control to Major Tom,” as it’s taking coffee to space – aesthetically, of course.

Voyager Espresso isn’t your typical coffee shop. For one, it’s located in the Financial District of Manhattan, home to men of Wall Street whose primary interest in coffee shops are to grab a cup and go to another meeting, drinking the brown brew for its caffeination, not the flavor. Nestled in the Fulton Street subway interchange, Voyager Espresso is making those men pause, look around, and take notice of the aesthetic and the killer coffee.

Too many coffee shops aren’t doing what Voyager Espresso is doing – creating a place where space, art, and unique coffee take you beyond the stars.

The cliché design of reclaimed wood and bright colors was one small step for coffee shops, but at Voyager Espresso, their design is one giant leap for “coffee-kind.” Like a spaceship, this coffee shop is ultra-sleek, comprised of two circles, a counter for the Barista Station, and the Grotto, an area off to the side for seating. The walls are aluminum in color, the ceilings feature exposed ductwork, and some surfaces have black marble countertops. Aluminum, copper, and black rubber breaks up the design here and there. David Bowie perhaps described the decor best: “Am I sitting in a tin can / far above the world.”

And while the spacey-style may entice you to visit, you’ll be happy to know that the coffee is top-notch, too. The seasonally fresh crop coffee is roasted by La Cabra in Denmark, a unique aspect among most coffee shops. Here you won’t be overwhelmed by choices or odd concoctions – the coffee is as minimal as the space. There’s Black, a double shot of espresso. Hot water can be added for an Americano. White is a double shot of espresso with steamed milk of which they have a few including a house-made almond macadamia “mylk.” Last, but not least, there’s Filter – regular coffee –and a few teas and lemonade.

Despite being small and simple in design, Voyager Espresso caters to those who aren’t needed in a meeting or rushing along with the foot traffic of NYC. There’s free Wi-Fi, wall outlets with USB jacks, and a small food menu with a variety of toasts, pudding, a smoothie, porridge, and a BLT.

Too many coffee shops aren’t doing what Voyager Espresso is doing – creating a place where space, art, and unique coffee take you beyond the stars. So, whether you have a meeting nearby, you’re just visiting Manhattan, or you want to relive your fantasy of being an astronaut, Voyager Espresso is exactly where you want to lift off.


This is the concept of what all coffee shops will look like in 20 years, or at least when we open the first shop on Mars… (Matt Damon needs coffee, too)

Voyager is for the weekday hustlers. Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Scotty, beam us down a Voyager BLT. It’s too tasty not try

Coffee Roast: La Cabra