C.C. Filson

Mon - Sat: 10am - 7pm
  • Mon - Sat: 10am - 7pm
  • Sun: 12 - 6pm

Answer the call to the red neon C.C.F. sign, and step into the ultimate general store from the long-running brand that stands the test of time. C.C. Filson offers exclusive rugged outdoor clothing, travel bags, & watches that you can only discover on premises—truly an in-store experience for adventure-seeking nomads.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

This is C. C. Filson, the indie album version of the coveted worldwide brand. If functional men’s style was live music, this store offers the same feeling of catching an act that sells out massive arenas, who on a whim decided to play in the local dive bar. Eclectic and intricate, it’s assembled for the definition of a rogue hero. In this case, dropped right into the bustle of NoHo Manhattan—a rugged railroad spike hammered into the ground for Filson’s ongoing mission. The allure of the shop feels like its orange, red neon sign should be glowing at the foggy end of a long dock, jutting out from a pine-filled bank that drops into the cold ocean. At least that’s the mood evoked when the brass handle of the door bolts NYC behind you.

There is something just a little more bad-ass about C.C. Filson, a dash of outdoor rock n’ roll from the brand.

If you don’t know Filson, the brand is the almighty powerhouse of outdoor apparel items that look time in the face and refuses to blink. If you own something Filson, it will live longer than you—period. C.C. is a spawn of the brand, consider the company a steam engine and C.C. the hot coals that add a little more velocity to the locomotive. There is something just a little more bad-ass about C.C. Filson, a dash of outdoor rock n’ roll from the brand. The shelves are stocked with exclusive products that you won’t find online or in Flagship stores, serving as a bold statement to in-shop experiences amongst the grey cloud of e-commerce that taints the soul of Brick & Mortar’s in our nation.

As men it’s important to understand the difference of shopping and collecting—here you collect. Arranged amongst wooden shelves and rusted tools are jackets, tees, limited collaboration hats, and Filson’s signature luggage. Discover handmade leather accessories, and custom pins and stickers that rep the store and neighborhood—unique souvenirs indeed from this ultimate general store. It goes beyond the factory-made products. Waft around the store with a cold beer and enjoy in-house events like tool worker Jimmy Diresta leading tutorial workshops on his 125-year-old letterpress.

In a world of sneaker lines and plastic advertising, C.C. Filson between Bowery and Lafayette street reminds us how important it is to be equipped for the task ahead. The ethos within pushes you towards the next rainbow trout on fly, snowshoe through rugged peaks, or even the simple moment of loading a tobacco pipe with a view of no civilization in sight. Filson caters to bringing the adventure stories we tell over a whiskey to life, thus making the scars, grit, and grey whiskers in the beard something to be proud of. Without these items the journey ahead wouldn’t be attainable, a reminder to be grateful for the tireless hands that go into each stitch of C.C. Filson’s purpose. Stop in and clean the busy city mind like morning dew freshens pine needles, and pick out the item that your great-grandchild will use themselves in the great wide open—with the smoke of your past campfire still stuck between the fibers and threads.


Exclusive apparel and souvenirs are offered that you won’t find online., making each visit exciting if you’re in the hunt for adventurous gear

Located in the NoHo district between Bowery and Lafayette street, next door to the historic Engine 33 firehouse

Post up on the leather couch with a shop book, and live your dream cabin life to escape the city noise

The staff is as high quality as the Filson gear itself, ask any questions to improve the knowledge of items offered, especially when it comes to bearing the winter in NYC