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Buck Mason is an American men's clothing brand on Elizabeth Street in Manhattan. The brick-and-mortar has laid the groundwork for timeless men's style. They specialize in well fitting jeans, butter soft tees, and other ageless essentials.


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

Isn’t the coolest guy in the room always the one who says the least? The mystery behind his eyes, the mystique of the words not said. You know he’s listening, but why is his mouth not moving? The piercing eyes that draw you in as other people’s words become white noise to his captivating silence. It’s what’s not being said that speaks the loudest. And isn’t style just that? A beautiful emptiness, an uncluttered design, a timeless American look. Buck Mason makes clothes for men who communicate with a firm handshake, men who are judged by their actions, not the chatter from their horn. Buck Mason makes handsome everlasting basics that speak volumes without speaking at all.

Buck started with two thriving shops on the West Coast. But, like all explorers, they felt the beckoning call of a modern-day frontier. While New York City might be one of the fashion capitals of the world, they didn’t go for that. They went with basic tees, rolled-up denim, and colorless button-ups, and then set out to leave their mark of STYLE on the riveting concrete above the Atlantic Ocean’s sand.

Are you a candidate to be a Buck Mason ambassador? To show without showing? Can you sit on a Royal Flush without smirking? Better question, can you bluff a pair of twos?

Burrowed up on Elizabeth Street, they found a home in Manhattan. And, just like the goods sold inside, the store is simplistically modern and strikingly basic. Like a sharpened 1950s photo of James Dean, the shop is an emporium of high definition blacks, whites, and muted tones.

The products they sell are best described in their words “Elevated fabrics with a classic design.” On the West Coast, their white tee shirt is so widely known that it might as well be an outlaw on a wanted sign, as its fit and look have run its competitors straight out of town. The jeans inside the shop are no daisy either; created with Japanese denim, they are made stiff, but like all good things, their reward comes in time. Like your favorite pair of boots, once broken in, their indigo or black denim will spend less time in your closet and more time sharing your adventures. Eventually, as they mold to your legs, they’ll forget the likes of a clothes hanger altogether.

Are you a candidate to be a Buck Mason ambassador? To show without showing? Can you sit on a Royal Flush without smirking? Better question, can you bluff a pair of twos? Buck Mason is what you wear when you’re a rock star, a cowboy, a GQ man of the year, a fella who works with his hands all day, a highwayman, or a desperado hopping on a train towards his next adventure. Come check out their shop on Elizabeth Street; stroll in how you will, but walk out a changed man, walk out speaking through your actions with grit in your soul, a tougher handshake, and fire behind those two piercing eyes.


If one step in this store doesn’t make ya want to pour a glass of whiskey and throw on some Gary Clark Jr. then you need to check yourself!

These photos are black and white because the clothes are black and white. Bright colors are for fools

They’ll provide the only layers you need to trek around The Big Apple

From LA to NYC… New town, same good fitting jeans