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Freemans Sporting Club is a cool nook for sharp, modern menswear. If you're in the market for casual shirts, shoes, and bespoke suits, stop in to browse through an unmatched collection. When it's time to mold the mane, they offer barber services, that are paired with a bold glass of whiskey. A one-stop shop for stylish gents in the city that never sleeps. 


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

When one thinks of men’s modern style in Manhattan, a lyric from Bob Dylan strikes the mind: “Don’t think twice, it’s all right.” Dylan spent a good amount of time in Manhattan, the city that helped inspire pages of his poetic lyrics. In his Big Apple days, he was an underground king of style, donning modest black basics, sharp frames, shined boots, and, most notably, that stylish overcoat that made him look so courageous and confident.

When defining a singular style in New York City, it’s easy to get sidetracked or distracted. At that moment, we advise that you “don’t think twice” and cruise to the unassuming corner of Rivington St. to find Freemans Sporting Club. It’s a setting that blends modern men’s style with classic nods to the past, offering selections as sharp as a needle dropped on any Dylan vinyl and as virtuously layered as the raspy lyrics themselves.

Because this is New York f*cking City, you better have a damn good-looking suit for when the moment calls — and Freemans has you covered.

Every man deserves a club. Gentlemen’s clubs attracted early pioneers and socialites, bringing them in off the busy streets to strike matches into tobacco leaves and clink whiskey decanters to glassware, guiding conversations that changed the world for the better of mankind. Freemans captures this feeling, from the reflective gold paint reading “F.S.C.” on the door to the creaking wood floors within the oasis of clothing, accessories, and apothecary for men.

Freemans Sporting Club offers style shelter from the storm in the big city. The cavernous space is reflective of the oath of the club that partakes in the gentlemanly sport of outfitting men with looks that are simple, sharp, and defiant. Knits and outerwear are offered in colors that call to the eye. Pants range from classic Chinos to Warehouse Denim cut from 13.5 oz pure indigo Japanese selvedge. A pair of bullhorns watch over organized shelves of caps, loafers, and limited-edition MOSCOT frames that fold up into the pocket for when city days turn to city nights.

Towards the back is what truly defines the store as a club: the in-house tailoring for Freemans Made-to-Measure experience, providing a suit silhouette that is hand cut to your specific measurements. Because this is New York f*cking City, you better have a damn good-looking suit for when the moment calls — and Freemans has you covered.

When you’re stocked up from these tasteful gents, extend the experience and wander past the glow of the shop’s windows towards the depths of Freeman Alley. At the end might be one of lower Manhattan’s greatest hidden dining atmospheres. Yes, the name, much like the chorus of any folk song, has returned: Freemans, a rugged colonial-inspired tavern built within the surrounding concrete and graffiti.

Partake in Freemans’ eclectic American fare in a dimly lit atmosphere accompanied by taxidermy of all kinds. This is where you venture for well-deserved rewards after taking care of yourself — chances are you will see the boys from F.S.C. bellied up when the shop doors are locked up. Freemans’ bar top is open until 2 am, so sip cocktails as a man should. And as Dylan insists, don’t think…well, don’t think at all, you don’t have to — all is most certainly all right.


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