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Death & Company is a legendary bar in the East Village. Over the last several years it has been a skyscraper name among the bar scene around the world. The program is world-renowned as one of the best on the planet, and for good reason too. Head into Death & Co. and have what you thought you ever knew about the world of libations re-written for your pleasure.


BY: Dakota Nate Contributing writer

Coming across a quiet and peculiar set of doors on a pitch-black evening in Manhattan, stumbling inside, and ending up in the belly of a majestic, dimly- lit cocktail haven sounds somewhat like a Lynchian dream sequence, but behold, such a place exists. World famous Death & Company in The East Village may actually have you feeling like you died and went to heaven. As the name suggests something on the fringe of darkness, instead, upon entering you’re greeted by romantic decor and a spotless bar stocked with a staggering range of spirits and cheater bottles galore, containing bitters and liqueurs aplenty. Even with an ample arsenal, the key to Death & Co’s success is no surprise — a smiling and attentive bartender. That’s what has garnered them their reputation, after all.

These two questions—how? and why?—are the secret to Death and Co’s success, and our bartenders ask them constantly. -Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails

With not only a state of the art bar at their disposal, a lineup of brilliant, personable, and downright kickass bartenders are the greatest tools behind it. Anyone can open a cool bar and hope that people will come, just as anyone can build and shake a cocktail, but it takes some serious chops and ingenuity to create something legendary. In 2014, Death & Co. released their own cocktail book with over 500 recipes, which happened to win a little something called The James Beard Award for beverage in 2015. Creative insight from front to back, it should be as valuable to a bartender as a bible to a priest, and remain that way until the bartender is obsolete. Like that will ever happen.

This award-winning trailblazer has set the standard for intimate cocktail lounges across the globe since opening on New Year’s Eve in 2007. Admired by esteemed industry professionals and cocktail nerds alike, the trick is to learn a thing or two while you’re seated at their bar, and of course, to enjoy every waking, booze-filled moment. In the elevated craft cocktail world, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but if you can offer even half of the expertise and deliver a quarter of the experience that Death & Co can, then you might be doing something right.

When you make your way to Death & Co’s doorstep, if you wish to be quickly admitted, arrive early. If you do find yourself on the waitlist, however, just know that it’ll be well worth the wait and that there are many other great places to kick back at while you wait for your spot. Also, fear not if you’ve come with an appetite, as they also offer a menu of small bites which are perfect for soaking up just enough of the liquor in your belly to keep you sipping.

With a new endeavor finally coming to life in the last few months, Death & Co’s second location recently took up shop in the new Ramble Hotel in Denver, CO. It includes a main lobby bar created in the original’s image, a reservation-only private bar, called Suite 6A, which only seats twenty people at a time and is by reservation only, and even a cafe bar by the name of DC/AM offering coffee, breakfast, and more.

If there’s anything we can learn from Death & Co, it’s that hospitality, innovation, and the right kind of attitude go a long way. We hope to find a seat next to you at the bar!


Head in early, or be prepared to wait a few minutes before coming in. Remember, the man at the door is your friend

With seasonal menus, we highly suggest you stick to the starting lineup. They’ve got some of the best cocktails on planet earth. Rule of thumb, when in Death & Co. you drink what they tell you

intimate setting for which ever direction this night pulls you. Whether a date, business meeting, or outing with the crew—there is no bad time to enter this realm

If headed to Manhattan just for Death & Co. grab a room at Freehand Hotel, our choice shelter when around the East Village