The Beekman Hotel


The Beekman is an unforgettable hotel, offering a stunning 19th-century design, upscale amenities in the stylish rooms, and delectable cuisine in their restaurants.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

The Beekman Hotel has a saying, “Lasting memories are defined by unforgettable moments.” And while that may be true, we’d arguably tweak it just a bit. See, lasting memories may be defined by unforgettable moments, but unforgettable moments are defined by who you’re with, and maybe more importantly – where you’re at.

The Beekman Hotel in New York City is a place you’ll never forget and offers the kind of atmosphere where unforgettable moments are made.

magical realism elements permeate the art collection, which was inspired by the works of authors like Ralph Waldo Emerson and Edgar Allen Poe.

Though the Beekman Hotel opened in 2016, it has a history that dates well before that. In its place once stood a theater in 1762 where Shakespeare’s Hamlet made its debut, and then from the 1830s-1850s, it was the home of NYU and the Mercantile Library Association which welcomed famous authors like Mark Twain and Edgar Allan Poe on-site.

Then in 1883, the building that houses The Beekman rose high and became a shining example of architectural beauty. And in 2016, guests were welcome to stay in one of NYC’s most visually-appealing places.

Upon entering the hotel, travelers are instantly wowed. Imagine a mosaic marble threshold, vintage Persian rugs, antique glass lamps, and a nine-story atrium with a pyramidal skylight that illuminates the interior of the hotel. Below the atrium is a stylish seating area where guests can bask in a place where decadence and luxury flows.

As you make your way to your room, keep a look out for the hotel’s art collection, which includes paintings, prints, and photographs by international and American artists. Magical realism elements permeate the art collection, which was inspired by the works of authors like Ralph Waldo Emerson and Edgar Allen Poe.

You’ll discover that the luxurious nature of the public spaces has made their way into the room in terms of sateen Sferra linens, free turndown service, Chromecast flat-screen TVs, and a locally curated minibar. While the rooms aren’t particularly large, they have high ceilings, beds with leather headboards, vintage furniture, craft cocktail tables, and large rain showers.

Though The Beekman has a gym, the main amenities at this hotel focus on dining. If you’re treating yourself, book a table at Temple Court for a five-course tasting menu which has dishes like Maine lobster. Augustine is perhaps a bit more relaxed. As a Brasserie-style restaurant they’re serving up everything from breakfast to dinner with a classic French spin.

Those who just want to grab a drink in this unforgettable hotel might want to head to The Bar Room, as it sits under the atrium, offering that old New York vibe as you sip on your cocktail. For a drink and a show, head to The Alley Cat, a cocktail lounge with a theatrical element that’s sure to get you pumped for a night in the Big Apple.

The Beekman is providing the space to create lasting memories. Now it’s up to you to explore it and find those unforgettable moments.


Out the door is a 3-minute walk from the Fulton Street subway station and a 14-minute walk from the Brooklyn Bridge

Look for Edgar Allen Poe in the atrium lounge and grab in The Bar Room for a Manhattan in Manhattan

All the rooms feature oak floors, designer toiletries and rainfall showers

Eatery options include New American and French kitchens put together by chefs Keith McNally and Tom Colicchio