Public Records

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Tues: 9am - 11pm
  • Tues: 9am - 11pm
  • Wed: 9am - 12am
  • Thurs: 9am - 1am
  • Fri - Sat: 9am - 4am
  • Sun: 9am - 12am
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Oh Brooklyn how you continue to amaze with all your cool spots to get coffee, hang, and dance the night away. How do keep coming with the trendy bars? How do you keep coming up with unique concepts that draw the cool kids from Manhattan and out of the shadows of Prospect Heights? It’s because you open the doors to places like Public Records - a coffee shop, bar, eatery, and above all, a dance hall for live music and rare hi-fis.


BY: Ben Hitch Contributing writer

Naturally out hitting the concrete in Brooklyn, there are options for entertainment as far as the eye can see. But now with the opening of Public Records, there is really only one place you need to be. Walking through the front doors you are immediately welcomed by high ceilings, a plethora of seating, and living plants bring life to the space, which is great when the rest of the NYC world is cement and highrises. The room is well lit by wall to wall skylights that illuminate a small sampling of the PR’s record collection scattered on the shelves.

It’s not like other spaces that play the same music on repeat, PR always something new/old on the ones and twos.

Opening early as a cafe, Public Records offers caffeine from nearby SEY Coffee Roasters to build out there menu. And if there is more than a cold brew on your mind, you’re in luck as PR serves food – all vegan. The menu pays homage to the original occupant of the building, ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Don’t be afraid, vegan food is delicious when it’s done right, and Public Records does it right.

The bar is the focus of the space, centered by two Roman pillars and big speakers hanging from the rafters to keep the music flowing. The menu is littered with all the favorites including a selection of signature cocktails, high balls, stirred drinks and of course, a fantastic margarita. Opposite the bar and tucked in the corner is a DJ table that always has vinyl spinning. It’s not like other spaces that play the same music on repeat, PR always something new/old on the ones and twos.

The real highlight of Public Records is the sound room, that acts as a live music venue for all walks of the stage. Walking into the room seems a bit futuristic, though that’s not really the word, but you’ll instantly recognize the dedication of love for music, and it certainly helps when one of PR’s founders stems from the record label industry. And it should be said that the sound room is meant to be welcoming and never intimidating as PR hosts and plays all genres of music. It’s a guarantee you’ll be going boom, boom, boom.

All said and done Public Records should be on the top of your BK hit list. It has outdoor space for the summer days, really great music and food, and an inviting space that starts with coffee and ends with a cocktail on the dance floor.


Plan to stick around for most of the day, the music and atmosphere are harmonious

The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club is around the corner

PR does take reservations for those nights you want a guaranteed spot at the table

Even if you’re not hungry, try something from their menu, you won’t find it anywhere else