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When it comes time to fire the pistons, rev the engine and pick up some new canvas or leather, there comes a coveted one-stop shop built on the collaboration of love. Make your way to Brooklyn, pop the clutch and settle in at Jane Motorcycles.


BY: Ben Hitch Contributing writer

Yes, NYC offers up all of your minds wildest imaginations, but Jane Motorcycles has crafted a space where espresso and a 1982 Yamaha XS65 come hand in hand. Walking the streets in Brooklyn you’re certain to see things you’ve never seen before and a handful of motos on the sidewalk seems par for the course. It’s what’s behind the garage door that makes Jane Motorcycles so special. 

Through the doors, you’re met with a riveting espresso bar outfitted by steam-powered mechanics sitting on top of clean white counters. The wood paneling perfectly offsets the surgical white colored station and is easy on the eyes for those lucky enough to be sitting at the bar awaiting their cup of joe. Jane’s founders are from LA and NY and bring a best of both coasts to the perfectly curated shop. The coffee is roasted by Counter Culture Coffee and poured by some of BK’s finest baristas. Did we mention this was a moto shop?

This is a retail – coffee shop – moto lounge that embraces the support of its community and highlights the architectural modern design with two-wheeled horsepower.

Beyond the coffee, the shop is laid out with clean, precise and aesthetically pleasing lines. There are Ducatis, BMWs, and KTMs perfectly orchestrated around the shop to highlight the retail component of Jane. They carry the best of the best when it comes to casual and functional moto apparel. The shelves and racks are full of goods from Bradley Mountain, Red Wing, Tanner Goods, Reigning Champ, and helmets from Bell and Biltwell. Even better, Jane has its own line of branded apparel showcasing waxed canvas jackets, a Hawaiian shirt or two, mechanic jackets, riding shirts, pants, and gloves, and a plethora of branded casual threads and accouterments. 

Jane Motorcycles is as much a moto boutique as it is a local gathering. The name comes from an old crush of a name not remembered, that now represents the brand and passion of Jane. The shop is meant to be welcoming and inviting to all, whether you’ve been on or around motos before. They make a point to assure anyone that enters can be Jane.

This is a retail – coffee shop – moto lounge that embraces the support of its community and highlights the architectural modern design with two-wheeled horsepower. And when you find yourself at Jane, remember to never be afraid to throttle up – and we’ll leave the interpretation up to you.


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The meaning of Jane is ‘Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful’. It is a biblical name which means ‘to be gracious’

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