The Williamsburg Hotel


The Williamsburg Hotel is located in north Brooklyn, with Manhattan in its scopes — right over the bridge. The stay offers a modern, industrial style, with plenty of in-shelter amenities and perks. The eight-story hotel encased in brick and glass  is perfect for a weekend getaway, an extended stay, or even a cocktail or two in the evening. 


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

New York City is the quintessential destination for all things sexy, popular, and powerful in the United States, but it’s finding some competition in its southern borough – Brooklyn. Anyone in-the-know will point you to The Williamsburg Hotel, as its turning into an iconic epicenter of all that’s happening in the reinvigorated neighborhood, drawing crowds upon crowds who are suddenly realizing what Jay-Z has been saying for years – Brooklyn Go Hard.

While tourists flock here in hopes to catch a view or two with their camera phones, guests have the luxury of living within the perfect picture from all angles.

The Williamsburg Hotel, itself, is arguably turning into a Brooklyn destination. Sitting just a block from the East River, the property offers stunning views of Manhattan, the likes of which are currently unrivaled, especially in Brooklyn. While tourists flock here in hopes to catch a view or two with their camera phones, guests have the luxury of living within the perfect picture from all angles.

With floor-to-ceiling windows in the rooms, modern gentleman wake to the glistening sights of the Manhattan towers from comfortable beds in the mornings. Oak floors, custom leather furnishings, and industrial accents allow travelers to relax in stylish comfort. At night, put some tunes on the Media Hub minis, offer your 4 legged confidant (who is enthusiastically welcomed by the hotel) homemade bacon treats, and take advantage of the beautiful sunset by enjoying a bottle of champagne with your lady on the terrace or in the deep-soaking tub.

The Williamsburg Hotel takes service to an extra level. Mornings are made better with a free breakfast spread. You can ride on the hotel’s custom bike cruisers to Bushwick to see graffiti art (free of charge, of course). And what’s cooler than a tuk-tuk car that chauffeurs you and your group to the subway for days in Manhattan or to a nearby bar at night?

Treat yourself to brunch or dinner at the Harvey, the hotel’s restaurant, offering pizza and seafood selections. Fill up before making your way to the eclectically-designed cocktail bar that’s more of a pre-drink hub during the week and exactly where the party is at on the weekends. If all that wasn’t enough, the hotel will soon be opening a rooftop Water Tower bar where champagne and martinis will reign, and the best of the best will mingle around the hotel’s sexy pool while taking in magnificent views of, you guessed it, the Big Apple.

So, “Where Brooklyn, at?” It’s at The Williamsburg Hotel. R.I.P. Biggie.


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