Hoxton Williamsburg


Hoxton Williamsburg is the first of the British Hoxton hotel brand to arrive in the U.S. Enjoy a rooftop restaurant, a posh lobby, and relaxing rooms with minibars and breakfast bags at this stylish new property in Brooklyn.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

“The British are coming! The British are coming!” so said Paul Revere in the early American Revolution days, and now we echo his call with one of our own because it’s happening again. The Brits are on the move in the U.S. but this time in Brooklyn and it’s more in cheer for the reason they are here. Ready yourself lads for one of the coolest – British – hotel brands has landed in Williamsburg.

The floor-to-ceiling windows draw the eye to views of Brooklyn or Manhattan and the brass details and neutral color tones is enough to set a relaxing mood for any knackered traveler.

Known as the Hoxton Williamsburg, this property is the first of the hip London hotel brand, Hoxton, to arrive on American soil. And in true British fashion, it’s decking out this hotel with an amazing style and decor. The hotel is anchored in the Former Rosenwach factory, maker of iconic wooden water towers, and will play up the building’s historic past in certain ways. For instance, the Hoxton Williamsburg lobby will feature Klein’s, an all-day restaurant serving American cuisine outfitted in what will look like the original brick carriage house of the old factory. It’s the perfect place to hang on plush furniture during the day or grab a fine cocktail at night.

Head upstairs to the Hoxton Williamsburg’s 175 bedrooms split between Cosy and Roomy rooms – because some of us just need a bit more space. The floor-to-ceiling windows draw the eye to views of Brooklyn or Manhattan and the brass details and neutral color tones is enough to set a relaxing mood for any knackered traveler. We liked that we could pick out a book from a curated bookshelf and enjoy it with a drink or snack from the minibar during the day or with our light breakfast bag in the morning.

While Hoxton Williamsburg doesn’t have a gym, it does offer the male nomad a few options for entertainment. We grabbed food and a drink at Backyard, the outdoor terrace with comfy furniture and ping pong tables, before we headed into the city. In the evening, we went just short of the moon to Summerly, the rooftop bar. The blokes at Hoxton understand the importance of local cuisine and outfitted Summerly to be a New England-coastal restaurant with wood-fired lobster rolls and clam pie, all to be enjoyed with some of the best views in Brooklyn.

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting the Hoxton Williamsburg when they’re hosting an event like a fitness class, lecture, or craft class, be sure to experience it. It’s a chance to learn something new by some of Brooklyn’s most talented locals.

While we may have expelled Great Britain centuries ago, we can’t help but be glad they’re bringing a little bit of British hospitality back to the States with the wicked Hoxton Williamsburg.


The Hoxton is 6-minute walk from the Bedford Av subway stop, and 5 miles from the the one and only Brooklyn Bridge

You wont go thirsty with 3 bars and restaurants including one that has a rooftop terrace offering panoramic city views

The rooms are dialed in with industrial accents complimented by brass and concrete details. Free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, work desks

Even if you’re not staying, the property is still a must hang for anyvone gallivanting through Williamsburg

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