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SEY COFFEE is a Brooklyn coffee shop that focuses on single-origin coffee in their Nordic-inspired space. Roll by to get a bold taste of the Brooklyn lifestyle, matched with a cool cup of caffeine.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

It’s not always easy to say, “Yes.” Saying yes comes with responsibility or a commitment, but CYTIES gentlemen don’t see it like that, do we?

A CYTIES guy says yes because they see an opportunity to stand out, for a thrill, and for the bold adventure of trying something new. He’s the kind of fella’ that moves around the world, searching for experiences and something that is marvelously original and all the while saying, “Yes.”

SEY doesn’t overwhelm it’s caffeine consumers. They provide just the basics – good coffee, a cool space, and a Brooklyn atmosphere.

It’s no surprise that a CYTIES man would disembark in Brooklyn on his Yes-journey, for the borough has the grit, grime, and graffiti-ladened walls that makes for a bad to the bone experience.

Whether he’s walking through the city or just staying a few blocks over, we’ve no doubt that SEY Coffee would catch his attention. This sleek space is a combination of raw concrete, whitewashed walls, and blonde furniture that creates a Nordic style that’s both simple and trendy.

SEY Coffee was once known as Lofted Coffee, roasted by the owners in a fourth-floor loft just around the corner from their main shop. It became a cult favorite, hunted down by coffee enthusiasts who enjoyed the sweet and simple, round and loud, or intricate and animate flavors.

Stop by for a cup of this beloved coffee by entering the shop through an old-school garage opening. The skylight offers plenty of light for guests to hang at one of the tall tables or sit on the bench along the wall. It’s the perfect spot to take in the Brooklyn lifestyle.

SEY doesn’t overwhelm it’s caffeine consumers. They provide just the basics – good coffee, a cool space, and a Brooklyn atmosphere.

SEY Coffee is just “Yes” spelled backward, and any CYTIES cavalier will want to Sey Yes to this valiant coffee joint.


The shop has skylights and a garage door, and fuels the intrepid movers and shakers of the working-class north borough of Brooklyn, Bushwick

If you decide coffee isn’t enough, and it’s beer o’clock, head over to Skinny Dennis for a cold one

CYTIES recommendation: Order it black and keep it simple

Coffee roast: SEY COFFEE

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