The Brooklyn Circus

Tues - Sun: 12pm - 7pm
  • Tues - Sun: 12pm - 7pm
  • Mon: Closed

The Brooklyn Circus is a casual, hip men's shop with a vintage feel. With letter jackets, PF Flyers, hats and T-shirts, they've got you covered for galavanting through any Brooklyn adventure. The aesthetics of the shop make you feel like you're in your dream closet, and the trendsetters inside are there to answer any style questions you have — just make sure and listen. Roll in, and tell them what's up from CYTIES. 


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

In the heart of Brooklyn, you’ll find a circus without a tent. A spot where your ringmaster for the afternoon is a stylish gent who will undoubtedly always dress more fly than you can ever imagine. This is a shop that in a world unknown to the simplicity of our minds, a men’s locker room has found its living quarters in what looks like a museum of modern art and has disguised itself as your perfect bedroom closet. Welcome to the main attraction, welcome to New York City, welcome to The Brooklyn Circus.

Imagine what the Brooklyn Nets locker room would look like if it were curated by an art designer who had an obsession with high-end headphones, denim, kicks, and threads. Inside this circus, you’ll find a shop that can only be described as the hashtag you’ll be using to depict your dream closet — #GOALS. And within this presentation of art, clothes, and electronics, you’ll find the perfect blend of vintage heritage style mixed with classic men’s streetwear — all here because at one point in time, it’s told a story, and after you suit up, it’ll begin to tell yours.

The Brooklyn Circus is on a 100-year journey, finding inspiration from our past, present, and future.

The shop’s presentation is what makes the user experience so notable. Inside, large built-in wardrobes hang shop tees, varsity jackets, and shirts. Cubbies are built in for selvage denim, and PF Flyers are decorated throughout the space like limestone sculptures in a gallery. A large mirror takes space on one wall, showcasing the best art inside: you. Black-and-white photos are modeled over the windows, showing lifestyle shots of the looks you’ll soon to be rocking.

The back of the shop continues with the same modern aesthetic. With white walls, wood floors, colorless abstract paintings, and Sennheiser sound electronics, the hands of a clock lose their meaning amongst the timeless visuals. Head on back and throw on their headphones, turn the volume up, and block out whatever mental circus you’ve got going on upstairs. These over-the-ear speakers will help orchestrate the perfect score for any New York City adventure you have looming.

The Brooklyn Circus is on a 100-year journey, finding inspiration from our past, present, and future. Vehemently, they find clothes and essentials that tell a story. The black lettering inside a novel is just ink until it’s read and processed; it’s the same with the stitches in your jeans and the laces in your shoes. The only thing more important than where these clothes came from is where they’re going — and the BK Circus will be with you from the preface in your book until the ink in the words “The End” has long dried at the conclusion of your lifelong journey.


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